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Elite British Military website boasts of Brit training of Syrian terrorists

Just ahead of the two deadly bomb blasts in Damascus today by terrorists, the “Elite UK Forces” website “dedicated to British elite units and special forces” posted a news update boasting of their likely role in arming and training the perpetrators of such crimes.

And now that their foot is firmly and securely inside Libya, they feel entirely comfortable exposing one of the motives for the war there: to use the country as a military base after 42 years of not being able to do so since Muammar Gaddafi closed the US largest base in the region: The Whelus Field, in conjuction with the British base at Aden.

As government forces continue a brutal crackdown on popular uprisings throughout Syria, there has been growing chatter indicating that British Special Forces are in some way assisting forces aligned against the Syrian regime.

Reports from late November last year state that British Special forces have met up with members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the armed wing of the Syrian National Council. The apparent goal of this initial contact was to establish the rebel forces’ strength and to pave the way for any future training operations.

More recent reports have stated that British and French Special Forces have been actively training members of the FSA, from a base in Turkey. Some reports indicate that training is also taking place in locations in Libya and Northern Lebanon. British MI6 operatives and UKSF (SAS/SBS) personnel have reportedly been training the rebels in urban warfare as well as supplying them with arms and equipment. US CIA operatives and special forces are believed to be providing communications assistance to the rebels.

Elite UK Forces