Two Terrorist Attacks Kill More Innocent People

Two terrorist attacks, backed by the west kill more innocent people.

25 killed and 175 injured when the Terrorist Rebel Army backed by the west, attack Alleppo destroying government building and killing innocent people. The west is supporting these war criminals and supplying them with weapons. What happened to the war on terror when the west becomes the terrorist and supports terrorism? What are they going to do next send in more weapons to kill all the 23 million that support Bashar Al Assad.

About friendsofsyria

Trying to put a stop to the lies being spread by the world press about Syria.
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One Response to Two Terrorist Attacks Kill More Innocent People

  1. The Rebel army first took responsibility for this attack, but when it showed them killing innocent people, blamed it on the government. Don’t these idiots realise we have hundreds of photos of them killing innocent people. The BBC are so biased that if all the Syrian army were shot, they would say that they all committed suicide. Any intelligent logical person knows that no country attacks it’s own military buildings. How much more stupid, are the media going to get with their fictitious stories. They have lost all credibility for all news now.

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