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USA are still paying the terrorists to destroy the public buildings in Syria and blame it on the government, but as CNN were caught out over their destruction of the pipeline with terrorists they are now posting their films on the US Embassy Facebook, since CNN have been discredited after proof of terrorist acts.

See the similarities in this film and the one that CNN set up for the pipeline explosion.

You will see in this film that the camera has been set up in a room, to get a clear shot of the explosion, exactly the same as in the pipeline film. Set up the camera and wait for the explosion.

The posting of this film on their Embassy Facebook is proof that they are determined not to give up on the fight with Syria. They openly admitted to paying the terrorists salaries, which means they are paying them to continue to kill. Or are we meant to believe that they are being paid to ceasefire? Come on!! give us a break, the rest of the world is not as stupid as you Americans.

They won’t openly admit they are giving them weapons, but Freedom House has admitted arming the rebels and they are funded by the US State department.

A terrorist group called Souria2011 are posting at least 10 fake films on Youtube every day. Last Tuesday the terrorists bombed a bridge and killed the military and innocent people in Aleppo, this film was not shown, instead films were posted showing bombings in Homs where nothing happened.

The film in Aleppo showed the people of Aleppo, saying they would kill the terrorists with their bare hands if they got their hands on them. Now the terrorists have posted a fake film claiming to be in Aleppo of a demonstration against the government.