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Terrorists surround UN Peacekeeper to prevent then hearing the truth.

Just like we have previously reported,  the violence by the terrorists will escalate with the World Media on the the country. It is just the excuse they need, to kill more innocent people and blame it on the Government.

We saw it when the Arab League were there, when were mobbed by the terrorists, trying to get their lies to them. They made sure nobody could get near the Arab League members the real situation.

One man who actually, did get a chance to tell the Arab League that it was the terrorist groups doing the killing, was then strung up and publicly hung, by the rebels.

Now we are seeing the same again with anyone who tells the UN Observers the truth is then Murdered.


Expect to see this on Al Jazeera today with the narrative that Syrian Army or Shabeeha doing this to peaceful activist in Yabroud, Damascus countryside..

The victim was accused of assisting the security and thus receiving his punishment. No need to document this by UN observers, Syrians are not people now, they’re numbers.

The Terrorists are now deliberately targeting areas, where the UN Observers have just left. Thirty minutes after they leave they start destroying buildings and killing more innocent people. So by the UN Observers being there, they are escalating the violence. If they were not there this would never have happened and the people would still be alive. Did the UN go into Syria to escalate the violence as an excuse for a war?

The devastation in Hama yesterday, saw a flood of videos on Youtube from the terrorist, blaming the government. Anyone with one ounce of a brain, would know that the Government would be pretty stupid to do such a thing. Destroy their own infrastructure, military, oil and gas pipelines, bridges and innocent people, knowing full well the world media is watching every event. Some say that the government are doing it to blame the terrorists. The imaginary terrorists the media refused to admit existed until Hilary Clinton publicly decided to pay them.

Why on earth would they do that? There would be no benefit at all, but still there are people out there who are believing all these media lies.

The Free Syrian Army, which is now funded by the USA are uploading fake films and films of their handiwork every day. One of these is Souria2011archive as you see with his Youtube page, that he is a member of the Free Syrian Army, he makes no secret of the fact. Yet when the films are shown on the media, they only show the films sent by these people. He is only one of many terrorists uploading films, with some of them being paid by the media for the films, not to mention the money Hilary Clinton is paying them.

Devastation in Hama

All these different groups uploading films are all giving different versions of what happened. A witness is a witness and surely, you would think that on that all of the films should tell the same story, but not at all. Some say the government fired a scud missile, others a missile was fired from a plane and others that the buildings were shelled by the army. Also they say the army were there firing at the houses, if this is the case then why would they send a missile if they had their own soldiers in the area.

The local people living in the area say that the explosion came from within the building. This is substantiated by the damage, in the area and is not the result of a missile attack.

Hama Bomb Blast