What Does the BBC Want?

The BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation is as its real name says, and it can’t be hidden by using a shortened name to be engraved in your minds The BBC. Its full name, which is difficult to find by the way, on their site online and elsewhere now is: British Broadcasting Corporation.
If you didn’t get it yet, let me try to help you by using the 3 words composing its name:
1- It’s a Corporation, and corporations aren’t angelic charity houses. And this article would blow your mind, literally (http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/mar/20/bbc-world-service-us-funding), of course unless you are a warmonger, then you’d be happy about it..!
2- It’s British, and if you are from any country south, east or west of the island with the evil witch shape in the North Sea it reminds you with a wicked, brutal, colonialism empire, that invaded, destroyed many nations and cultures on this planet with most recently in Libya. Wherever they went they left ongoing conflicts by drawing intervening borders and inflicting strife among different ethnic groups of societies everywhere. Not to mention its ever biggest crime in history when it took God’s role and displaced a nation to install a combination of settlers in its place, causing the ongoing disasters since 1917 in the Middle East.