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This a film of the Free Syrian Army, the army which is funded by the USA, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. 

This is the army that the so called ‘Friends of Syria Group’ decided to fund, just one week after the Peace Plan was announced.

American Ambassador Robert Ford, openly admits supporting the FSA, even while still at this post in Damascus, which resulted in the Syrian People pounding his car with eggs and tomatoes. Hillary Clinton almost declared war at that time, over the eggs and tomatoes being thrown at an American Embassy.

Diplomats, by their name, should not take sides when posted in any country, but this man was a warmonger from the start and is still spreading his lies and supporting his terrorist army.

Another supporter of the FSA is Senator John McCain, who is calling for an invasion on Syria and openly wears the FSA scarf around his neck to show his support.

George Soros is another man who is supporting the FSA by sending them arms. This many is the biggest supplier of arms to terrorists, but somehow has made himself immune to prosecution, by buying himself into every human rights organisations going.

Warning the following film is GRAPHIC. It has to be to show what a disregard to life these butchers have. Their idea of freedom is killing all the Syrian people.