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NATO-backed “pro-democracy” activists commit brutal atrocitiesJuly 8, 2012 | Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

Despite the fact that parties on both sides of the conflict in Syria have been responsible for violence, the international NATO-aligned media has hyped often dubious accusations of Assad-sponsored massacres while virtually ignoring massacres, beheadings and other acts of brutality carried out by rebel insurgents.


Whereas the establishment media, particularly the likes of CNN and the London Guardian, have prostrated themselves as 24-hour rolling propaganda platforms for anonymous “activists” with Twitter accounts, showcasing unverified You Tube clips of alleged atrocities, equally disturbing footage of rebels committing acts of savagery have been buried.

In addition, it has come to light that many of the alleged “massacre” videos and other clips showing Syrians allegedly killed or injured by Assad’s forces that were broadcast globally by the mainstream media have been staged.


It’s time for some balance.

No one can deny that Bashar Al-Assad’s regime has been responsible for violence. But in failing to equally acknowledge the fact that NATO-backed rebels have also carried out innumerable atrocities is not only dishonest, it represents a deliberate effort by the press to manipulate the narrative of unfolding events in Syria as a one-sided war crime rather than the truth – which is the fact that Syria is in a state of civil war.

In throwing their military might behind Syrian rebels, in addition to foreign terrorists affiliated with Al-Qaeda, NATO powers are empowering a minority of extremist Wahabi thugs who are anti-freedom, anti-Christian, anti-Shia, anti-Sunni and who will stop at nothing to entrench their ideologically fanatical power base.


In greasing the skids for a Libya-style NATO military assault, the media has portrayed the rebels as freedom-loving democratic activists who are honorable victims of bloodshed. In reality, as the videos below illustrate, nothing could be further from the truth.

WARNING: Many of the following clips are graphic – viewer discretion is advised.

In this video, family members of slain children accuse Syrian rebels of committing the atrocity.


A civilian is hung from a tree by Syrian rebels, allegedly because he told UN monitors information the rebels didn’t want to be known.


A mentally ill man is beaten, hanged and then shot in the head by Syrian rebels who chant “Allahu Akbar.”



This woman’s son, Sari Saoud, was shot in Homs. While Al-Jazeera claimed it was the army that killed him, the woman insisted it was the insurgents.


Pro-Assad activists who organized rallies in support of the government were kidnapped, tortured and killed by Syrian rebels.


In this video, bodies of soldiers killed by rebels are dumped into the Orontes River. The men chant “Allahu Akbar.” CNN whitewashed the story and claimed the jury was still out on the perpetrators, but the victim is clearly a pro-government activist judging by a translation ( http://storyful.com/stories/5899) of what is said in the clip.


This disturbing clip shows rebels insulting an an Alawite Syrian civilian before decapitating him.


This clip shows a civilian accused of being a “traitor” beaten and tortured, with later images on Facebook showing his severed head.


This clip shows Syrian rebels laughing at the mutilated bodies of Syrian soldiers.


This shocking clip shows Syrian rebels mutilating the body of a dead man before chanting anti-government slogans.


In the clip above, Syrian rebels threaten the parents of a child that they will kill him unless ransom money is paid.


This clip shows rebels dragging the body of a soldier through the town of Yabrud near Damascus.


This clip shows the assassination of a policeman named Raed Aashour.


In this clip, Syrian opposition activists chant anti-Christian slogans. This is important given our previous report about how Syrian rebels ransacked Christian churches and desecrated places of worship.



In this clip, Syrian opposition activists chant anti-Christian slogans. This is important given our previous report about how Syrian rebels ransacked Christian churches( http://www.infowars.com/syrian-rebels-ransack-christian-churches/ ) and desecrated places of worship.



Men crowd around the body of a dead civilian. The crowd is pushed back by men wearing the tristar French mandate flag. The crowd is comprised of FSA rebels who chant ‘takbeer’ – meaning ‘God is great.’

As part of its agenda to craft the phony narrative that opposition fighters are honorable freedom fighters who can do no wrong, the international media has all but blacklisted examples of rebel atrocities, while simultaneously hyping beyond all recognition far more dubious footage of alleged government massacres released by anonymous Twitter activists. The clips below illustrate how Syrian “opposition activists” and rebels are staging fake massacre and death videos, as well as war propaganda – and how the corporate press is swallowing it up and regurgitating it without question.



Following the humiliating exposé of Syrian “activist” Danny Dayem, ( http://www.infowars.com/cnn-botches-effort-to-refute-syria-danny-propaganda-scandal/)who was caught staging war propaganda as he begged for the United States and even Israel to launch a military intervention, one would hope that such manufactured trickery is less likely to be broadcast by the news media in future.

A video purported to show “Syrian troops beating detained protesters” was broadcast on global news networks including ABC News and Reuters. It later turned out that the clip actually showed Hezbollah members mistreating Lebanese Amal political party members in an incident that happened four years ago.



This video shows Syrian opposition activists staging fake deaths complete with fake blood and bad acting. The clip was later broadcast by Al Jazeera and presented as a genuine massacre.


This clip shows Syrian opposition activists laughing as they display fake wounds and prepare to pose as massacred victims.


This clip shows a man pretending to lie dead in an open coffin. He stages a miraculous recovery at the end of the video.


This man is presented as a dead “martyr” yet is clearly seen to be blinking throughout the video.



This clip shows a Syrian insurgent displaying his psychic abilities at pinpointing where a “bomb” will strike before it happens as he rants to the camera.


“Eyewitnesses” are caught on camera coordinating how to lie about casualties.



Rebels coach a girl on what to tell Al-Jazeera before congratulating themselves on the set-up.

As we have previously documented, there are also numerous video clips and photographs proving how the rebels are loyal to Al-Qaeda.


These video clips only scratch the surface when it comes to documenting the fact that Syrian rebels and their insurgent allies from abroad are about as far removed from their corporate media-generated persona as one could possibly imagine.

Far from representing the noble, religiously and culturally inclusive ideal of democratic freedom, by their very own actions and statements the rebels represent little more than a gang of bloodthirsty, extremist, mercenary thugs which western powers and mainstream media outlets – if their claim to support freedom in the middle east is to have any credibility – have no business in supporting.