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British backed and funded terrorists have shot down a military plane in Syria, with weapons supplied by the US, UK and France. 

This must now be treated as an act of war between these countries, who have been pushing and pushing for a war and looking for every excuse to invade Syria. The have just pushed the bar a little too far this time.

FSA/AL QAEDA backed by France, USA and UK and funded by taxpayers money from those countries. They have made no secret of the fact the are backing the terrorists. Hillary Clinton has been threatening that things will get worse and now they have.

Soon more sons and daughters of the west will be once again sent to war, all because of the USA. Just as they are planning to leave Afghanistan and Iraq, we are going to see more pointless deaths.

This is a terrorist film as you will hear from the Al Ackbar statements heard on all their fake videos, but it has been confirmed a plane has crashed. As to the reason for the crash, the stories vary. Make up your own mind.