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Al Ikhbaria (Syrian News) abducted team appeared in a video on youtube with one of the FSA (Free Salafi Army) in Al Tal area in Damascus countryside pledging to release them if the SAA withdraw from Al Tal area, remove all the road blocks and release all the FSA prisoners..

The speaker in the video, claimed that the FSA saved Al Ikhbaria team from the shelling, and they are now guests and will be released if the above mentioned conditions are met.

According to the youtube video, negotiations are being undertaken through a middle man called “Iyad” who lives in Ryad, Saudi Arabia.

Showing in the youtube video, the correspondent “Yara Saleh”, Cameraman “Abdulla Tabra” and the driver “Hussam Imad”, and the video pointed out that the cameraman assistant “Hatem Abu Yahya” was killed due to “heavy shelling” according to them.