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When a country is paying terrorists to shoot down planes and helicopters in another country with missiles sent from the USA, is this not a declaration of War by the US? Hasn’t the Court of Human Rights actually found a leader guilty for actually doing the very same thing?

This comes only days after the FSA massacred hundreds of people in Darayya, which they tried to blame on the government, but the witnesses confirmed they were killed by terrorists. The blood for these crimes and all the deaths of the innocent people in the last few days, is on the hands of Obama and Clinton, whose weapons were used for these deaths. Warmongers of the very worst, they have no regard for human life as we can see on a daily basis and by the threats they continue to make.

What would the US do if Al Qaeda started to shoot down planes over America? Well we don’t have to answer this, because we know exactly what the US did, they invaded Iraq, even though none of the terrorists came from Iraq.

The declaration of war on terror by George W Bush sounds pathetic, now that the west are actually paying terrorists to attack Syria for them. Paying Al Qaeda money to kill Syrian  civilians who where living in peace, before this intervention by the US.

Syria can no longer fight the terrorists of the world on its own, the Syrian people need help from their allies to fight these butchers.