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Mass crowds of citizens gathered on the Coastal Corniche of Tartous to express solidarity with the Syrian national media against the campaign launched against it. 

The gathered people condemned the decision to stop the broadcast of Syrian TV channels on NileSat and Arabsat as a desperate attempt to undermine the Syrians’ determination and strength.

They said that the freedom of expression does not mean to silence the voice of truth, adding that the Syrian media revealed the false news and fabrications of all instigative satellite channels.

The participants waved national flags and banners chanting slogans that stress their commitment to the national decision and their rejection of foreign dictates.

They stressed unity against the conspiracy targeting the security and stability of their country.

In a statement to SANA, the political analyst Akram Mkanna said that the resistant Syrian media was targeted because it conveyed the reality.

Coordinator of the national unity forum in Tartous, Sheikh Ahmad Bilal, said that the Syrian people today expressed their solidarity with the Syrian media institutions and stressed support to all media cadres to raise the voice of truth.

He added that the attack against national media proves its success in conveying its message to defend the homeland.

Head of the administrative office of Women’s Union in Tartous, Nada Ali, said that the decision indicates a bias to western decisions against the national unity of the Syrian people.

Children Yousef Ibrahim and Reem Mohammad said that they are here today to greet the Syrian journalists and the Syrian army members for their efforts to preserve Syria’s security and stability.