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If you haven’t heard, the listen to this:  Fake Syrian Army murderers executed over 20 Syrian soldiers near Hanano after a suicide attack on their position.  The commanding officer, a sergeant, ordered the men to drop their arms and surrender.  It appears he reckoned that the terrorists would want to trade his men for their own prisoners.  He was wrong.  After reciting the usual meaningless “Allahu Akbar”, the terrorists murdered our soldiers in cold blood.

All shot in the head at close range, a line of our Syrian soldiers grace the lens of some vicious, accursed murderer.  They should never have surrendered to killers.  All were Sunni soldiers. 

Every Saudi and Qatari should now be on the watch.  We will avenge our soldiers with the blood of these Arabian deviants and their horde of wretched, ape-like children.  If the president won’t do it, then, let’s appoint somebody else for the job.  I volunteer.

In other news, Damascus is returning to absolute normality after some weeks of frenetic fighting in the countryside.  Even Der’ah and its environs are beginning to show some renewed vitality.

Syrian militia and security forces pounced on another make-shift bomb factory in Al-Rastan.  Five terrorists were killed in a shootout.  Seventeen other terrorists were arrested and turned over to security courts.

A Muhammad Hussein Faris was displayed on “Al-Ikhbariyya”, Syrian state T.V. news program, talking about his gun running and support of terrorism.  His accent was not Tripolitan.  He sounded like he was from the Southern Biqaa.  Anyways, he disclosed the identities of many Libyan and Tunisian killers.

My contact in Latakia tells me that the French have now sunk their ugly heads deeply into the conflict.  They are now, like the Germans, tasked with managing units of terrorists.  One French superior officer was overheard last week on supposedly “secure” lines telling a Salafist terrorists that he “must hold out in Aleppo to the end or it will be the end”.  My source is with Syrian security and never exaggerates.  When will Dr. Assad begin killing the French?  We are ready. When will you unleash the immense power of Syria in Lebanon?  They’re waiting for the order.  Give it!!