By Aamir Raza Husain, Times Of India

The present violence is part of a larger narrative of Western manipulation of the Arab world

The situation in Syria today is a result of a hundred years of Anglo-American intervention and incitement. This is the third time the West has tried to topple a legitimate Syrian Regime. The difference this time though is that the West has a pliant press as an ally.

Bashar Assad had lost the propaganda war long before trouble started in Syria two years ago. The movement against him grew by the week in the media, while on the ground it remained a murmur of discontent. CNN, BBC and Wahhabi Arab channels belted out stories of large scale persecution, with preachers like Sheikh Aruoor and the Qatar based Ahmed Karazvi extorting the Syrians to rise up and bomb government buildings and blow up minority religious institutions.

The story…

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