There are reports that the 11 September attack on the US ambassador in Libya was an inside job and that the US Department of State knew of the possibility of the attack up to 48 hours ahead of time, yet chose to do nothing.

Inside Job … – Daily Mail / Revealed: inside story of US envoy’s assassination‎‏

The Independent, citing diplomatic sources, has reported that the US State Department knew, up to 48 hours ahead of the attacks, that the compounds in Benghazi and Cairo could be hit. 

“However, none of the diplomats in either city were given warnings.”
It has been revealed that “the Benghazi consulate was not protected by the contingent of Marines that usually safeguard embassies.”
“I don’t know how they found the place (the safe house) to carry out the attack.
“It was planned, the accuracy with which the mortars…

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