German intelligence: 95% of the rebels in Syria are foreigners

Berlin (IRIB) – The BND admitted that only 5% of armed terrorists in Syria Syrians are really, 95% of them are from abroad.

According to the newspaper “Die Welt”, the BND has published in an official and detailed account of the nationalities of the rebels in Syria and their locations in the country.
Most of the rebels come from African countries. It is likely to be members of al Qaeda.
According to the report, the number of rebels in Syria estimated at 14,800.


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Trying to put a stop to the lies being spread by the world press about Syria.
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15 Responses to German intelligence: 95% of the rebels in Syria are foreigners

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  2. antizensur says:

    The Link is broken
    Der Link ist defekt

    • I think I will remove it as it has been trouble from the start.

      • kraftwerkvs says:

        hello the problem is that you have not any source for this info that you give us and i can find anything that is confirming your allegation

      • The page was removed, so I have replaced it. I don’t understand why you cannot find anything, because I have just googled the stories and found heaps about it. It’s not rocket science.

      • kraftwerkvs says:

        i have read the story but the important here is to find the source , Die Welt because all the other sources talking about it but there is nowhere as “die welt” article. If you see all the links in comments does not work, anyway, it is obvious that imperialism recruiting, mercenaries, fanatic Muslims etc to do the dirty job for him is just that any info has to be stand in strong bases. Are you living in Syria?

  3. brian says:

    Der BND gab zu, dass nur 5 % der bewaffneten Terroristen in Syrien wirklich Syrer sind, 95 % von ihnen kommen aus dem Ausland.
    Laut der Zeitung „Die Welt“ hat der BND in einem offiziellen und genauen Bericht die Nationalitäten der Rebellen in Syrien und ihre Standorte in dem Land veröffentlicht. Die Mehrheit der Rebellen kommt aus afrikanischen Ländern. Es handelt sich wahrscheinlich um Mitglieder von Al Kaida.
    Laut diesem Bericht wird die Zahl der Rebellen in Syrien auf 14.800 geschätzt.

  4. clothcap says:

    Hi FoS, was this in the print edition, I can’t find it in the online Die Welt.

  5. muromyetz says:

    Am I being censored for my soft comment about the Obama/Killary being criminals because of their direct relationship with the Terrorist groups (the 95% of AlQuaeda and Islamist Brothehood invaders of Syria), reported in the article?

  6. muromyetz says:

    So why is EVERYBODY still referring to the AlQuaeda and Islamic Brotherhood invaders of Syria, as REBELS? And nobody is criminalizing their financiers and administrators like Obama and Killary?

    • Yes precisely WHY? Why when other people support terrorist they are sent to the Hague, yet is alright for the US to do it. The one country that refuses to sign up to the Criminal Court in the Hague, yet are always mouthing off that others should be sent there. More countries should be like Switzerland and arrest war criminals if they step in their country.

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