“Made in Germany”

By the German Journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter:

1. We support armed militia in a foreign country.

2. We secure, that the most aggressive, fanatic and worst of these armed guys can commit their massacres.

3. We accuse the government and the army of the foreign country of committing these massacres.

4. When it comes out (by UN-observers), that the massacres were committed by the armed militia, we support, we put our fingers in the ears and pretend to be deaf.

4. We put sanctions on that country, so the civilians suffer.

5. When the civilians suffer so much by the proxy war, we support, we start talking about the suffering refugees.

6. We offer with a sweet humanitarian voice, that we will give shelter to the war refugees in Germany.

7. When Germans oppose to that plan, we call them evil xenophobes.

8. When some Germans see a relation between the German politics putting fire on a region and later on deporting (= “give shelter”) to the civilians, the politicians call these critics “one sided dictatorship supporters.

9. The same German politicians, who made the Syrian civilians homeless, persecuted, raped and killed are now playing the “humanitarian philantrops”

10. Manuel has to vomit now…

About friendsofsyria

Trying to put a stop to the lies being spread by the world press about Syria.
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