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The Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi reiterated that Damascus is open to all political initiatives as it believes in the importance of the political and peaceful solution.

He further hoped that “these regional positive proposals lead to a comprehensive national dialogue, thus achieving what the Syrian people aspire.”

“President Bashar al-Assad deals positively with all the submitted political initiatives: from the Arab initiative, to Kofi Annan’s proposal, and last, the international envoy to Syria al-Akhdar Ibrahimi’s proposal,” al-Halqi confirmed.


In an interview with al-Intiqad website, the Syrian PM highlighted that “al-Assad believes in the need to stop violence and end the bloodshed in Syria.”

“Al-Assad sent his directions to prevent any human or urban harm, to preserve in the minimum level, the lives and homes of citizens as well as limit the damage,” he added.

On the military level, al-Halqi stressed that “the military decisiveness in Aleppo didn’t retreat.”

“There is an implemented timetable that achieves the least amount of damage,” he assured, and pointed out that “the Syrian Arab Army has scored many achievements at the national level, within the framework of its mission that aims at spreading security and stability over the entire Syrian territories.

Meanwhile, the PM hailed the army that lost lots of martyrs and precious possessions to secure the country.

“The Syrian government continues its ethical duties towards the families of the martyrs and their children,” he mentioned.

Al-Halqi also confirmed “despite all the unjust sanctions imposed on all sectors of the Syrian economy, the Syrian government works day and night to identify all the requirements and needs of the Syrian people from services, basic materials, and oil derivatives…”

Source: al-Intiqad, Translated and Edited by moqawama.org