Nice of Hollande to Recognise The Terrorist Groups as Representing of the Syrian People

Democracy is when the people vote for their own leader. Not to be told who is representing them, by forces outside of their country.

Hollande has the nerve to speak out and say that he recognises the the terrorist groups and enemies of the Syria to represent the Syrian people. The very same groups who have invaded Syria and butchered and killed innocent people.

This is nothing more than outside forces and enemy countries using terrorists to kill all the supporters of the Syrian Government. Any country who supports this group are in fact declaring war on Syria and its people.

It is about time that Russia and China help Syria protect their borders from letting these terrorists enter the country. It is the only way there is going to be peace.

There are now thousands  of terrorist wandering the streets of Syria killing anyone and everyone.

Syria obviously needs help in keeping these foreign terrorist from entering the country as Turkey is other enemies have opened their borders to these terrorists.

As in Kosovo where the borders with Serbia are protected by American forces. It is time Russia stepped in and protected the Syrian borders from these terrorists. It is quite clear now that Syria cannot fight this invasion by the Western backed terrorists and the Arab countries alone. It will only get worse unless the terrorists are stopped from entering the country. If they cannot enter  Syria there will be Peace.




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Trying to put a stop to the lies being spread by the world press about Syria.
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2 Responses to Nice of Hollande to Recognise The Terrorist Groups as Representing of the Syrian People

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  2. A.Oscar says:

    That French President just acting like a lunatic: he wants to please somebody; and because USA and a few Arabs countries and Israel, French ignorant goes in favor of any terrorists. What we need would be in real life be Russia and China sending peace keepers just to stay on the border of Syrian countries. That terrorists like Al Qaeda cant stopping fighting even so only getting 5 five dollars per day. Or the surrender or all of them will be killing. And I never thought some west countries; like USA acting like terrorists, let those killing Syrian civilians and even lying by saying the ones killing is Syria troops. But time will continue; and what goes around will come around to confront the same terrorists, like in Libya.

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