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For the second time this year there is another Time Magazine Person of the Year. Maybe the US were embarrassed by how well Bashar Al Assad did in the pole, in which he came 7th

This man has had to endure his country being attacked by foreign based terrorists, who have been trying to blame all the atrocities on the Syrian Government. The terrorists backed by the USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UK and France to name a few. While all the time this man is protecting his people from these foreign invaders. 

The Syrian people support Bashar Al Assad, because they know the truth that he is not killing his own people. Most of the deaths have been the army and the security forces as well as Bashar supporters. No person should endure what Bashar Al Assad has had to endure over the past year. I he had really been  killing his own people, he would not have the support of his own people, or the rallies supporting him around the world. 

This is a big embarrassment to the USA so now have made a new pole for the Time magazine.

At the moment Egyptian President Morsi is at the top of the pole.  The same president planted there by the USA and a man who has never been so unpopular as he is today, with demonstrations in his own country today, yet he has the most votes.

Bashar Al Assad is currently about 4th and it would be great if we could get him to the top of the list. How ironic it would be that if the man who the USA are trying to destroy became Person of the Year. 

We need as many votes as we can to get him there.