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Obama has now officially recognised the very same Terrorists group that he helped to create as the official government for the Syrian People.  The very same group that has been killing all the innocent Syrian people. What right has he got to tell the Syrian people who they should support. It is up to the Syrians who they choose to lead them not the bloody USA. Or is this a new kind of democracy we have not heard of before.


We now have all the enemies of Syria led by Clinton and Obama meeting again in Morocco to once again, work on new ways to overthrow Bashar Al Assad. All organised by the FSA which was created by Robert Ford and Hillary Clinton. This group is responsible for all the killings in Syria and now they are the self proclaimed government of the people. The same group that the Syrian people hate and want out of their country.


The story below was from April this year, so it goes to show just how long the US have been supporting these terrorists. Everyone knows they have supported them from the start, but they keep on denying it. Even yesterday they were trying to put the blame on Bashar Al Assad for Al Qaeda fighting in Syria. Blaming the government for the very terrorists who are killing soldiers and destroying government buildings. What are they trying to have us believe that Bashar Al Assad said “Come into my country Al Qaeda and destroy all our buildings, kill all of our soldiers and our people”. Give us all a break and don’t insult the intelligence of the rest of the world, USA.

They are losing the fight to topple Assad so they are twisting and turning lies to blame anything that happens at all anywhere on him, but blaming the terrorists on him, just won’t wash. The USA put all the terrorists there, the USA are training the terrorists, the USA are arming the terrorists and now the USA are giving the terrorists chemical weapons. Of course one day when the terrorists use their chemicals in the west the USA will say that Bashar gave them the chemicals. It is just one lie after another coming out of the USA to get what they want.

Leaked emails show Great Satan US security firm helping Syrian terrorists to kill Syrian People



Leaked emails show an American private security company, SCG International has been helping the Syrian opposition in its efforts to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad at the request of US officials.

The whistleblower website, Wikileaks, released the emails sent by SCG Chief Executive James F. Smith, the former director of the notorious company Blackwater, which is blamed for the killing of many civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In one of the emails, Smith says his company was contracted to engage the Turkey-based Syrian opposition in a so-called “fact finding mission,” but “the true mission is how they can help in regime change.”

The emails were sent to the vice president of intelligence at Stratfor, Fred Burton. Stratfor, a US-based global security think tank, describes itself as a source of geopolitical analysis to corporate and government clients.

Smith introduces his company to Burton by saying his “background is CIA and his company is comprised of former Department of Defense (DoD), CIA and former law enforcement personnel,” and his company provides services for those same groups in the form of training, security and information collection.

SCG’s mission with the Syrian opposition had “air cover from US Congresswoman Sue Myrick,” a Republican lawmaker from North Carolina, according to the emails.

Smith also provided intelligence to Stratfor on Libya, where SCG International was contracted to protect Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) members and train Libyan rebel fighters.

Impressed by Smith’s intelligence, Burton praises him in one of the emails saying “Good skinny. This is what is defined as a credible source. Not some windbag Paki academic belching and passing gas.”

The emails are among a trove of five million messages hacked from Stratfor in mid-December by the hacker group Anonymous.