Obama Backed Terrorists Threaten Mass Beheadings

FSA : Promise of Mass Beheadings: Message from Abu Hafs, the Sword-Waving Jihadist in Syria.

For those of you in USA, UK, France, Netherlands and Germany, these are the crazy butchers that your country are supporting. The world cries over children killed in a school in the US, yet there is no mention in the western media about the students killed in Syria when a US backed car bomb attacked a university.

Do the west think that Syrian children are unworthy of getting any acknowledgement or sympathy, except from Russia.

This video footage shows an Arab Jihadi (most likely Saudi or Libyan) holding a sword in his hand and speaking to the camera very angrily. This footage is taken from the year 2013.

In his first message, he promises mass beheadings for all ‘traitors of Aisha and Abu Bakr’ – in reference to Shia Muslims and Alawites.

In his second message to the Arab Muslim world, he calls them traitors because they failed to help the Jihadis by sending them rockets to kill more Syrians faster. He also promises to chop their heads off with his sword.

These are the people supported by the West and hailed as “freedom fighters.”

About friendsofsyria

Trying to put a stop to the lies being spread by the world press about Syria.
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8 Responses to Obama Backed Terrorists Threaten Mass Beheadings

  1. Paulo Henrique says:

    Obama representa os estados unidos.

  2. Ian McCulloch says:

    Thankyou for all the updates, which I read and share on facebook. However, please take a suggestion: Don’t include the name “OBAMA” prior to every post. He is the best hope we have of a different U.S approach. I would prefer, for example: “U.S-backed” as opposed to “Obama-backed”

    • The reason we put Obama is because it works better in the search engine, picked up by other blogs which means more referrals and the truth gets out to more people.

      • Chop Gonzo says:

        Women’s Rights Advocate, DO NOT listen to that misinformant Ian – Obama is no more of a ‘best hope’ than Hitler was for the Germans, or Stalin for the Russians, or Mao for the Chinese. This megalomaniac Obama thinks nothing of killing innocent men, women and children indiscriminately with drones in any foreign country. This is the same person who is in the process of hypocritically confiscating American’s guns, all while having armed guards for his own children. This is the same evil being who bailed out all of his bankers friends while people go hungry and lose their homes in the U.S. You are 100% correct using this pathetic excuse for a human’s name leading off your articles. He is the Commander In Chief of the armed forces of the U.S., so whatever the military does in other countries he is mainly responsible. Also, please understand that there are many Americans who sympathize with and feel compassion for all of the humans around the planet who are being killed, maimed, and tortured by this current government, so that their corporate agenda can continue to rake resources from around the globe. It is a very sad situation at the present time.

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  4. Greg Burton says:

    These private “Arab” armies. i.e. al Qaeda, the Wahhabis, the Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood, the FSA all are heretical Islamic miscreations, where unsuspecting Muslims are taught a heretical version of Islam in Muslim schools (Madrassah) in places like Saudi Arabia, the Benghazi peninsula of Libya, and the Maghreb regions of desert north Africa. It is important to know that these “secret armies” are connected to the secret societies that helped spawn them: Freemasonry, Skull & Bones, Grand Orient Lodge, Grand Alpina Lodge, Knights Templar, Royal Order of the Garter, Priory de Sion, and the Rosicrucians.

    Secret societies originally derived from the Ismailis, a biblical sect originating in the Jewish diaspora, who perfected the method of corrupting an opponent internally, perfected a method of indoctrination that would be employed by the Illuminati throughout the subsequent centuries. Though they professed outwardly to represent Islam, the Ismailis (Dönme) (Marranos) leaders were committed to Islam’s (all religions) destruction (Hegelian Dialect); and place their true religion (Luciferism) as the undisputed religious theology. It is important to realize that these secret armies do not have to be “Muslim”. These heretical variants can be applied to any religious philosophy and used to undermine civil society. I believe that such heretical variants have already been used, and are being readied to undermine and destroy the United States from within. To destroy its rule of law, the constitution, and subordinate it to a miscreant global oligarchy. Ultimately, I believe they serve Israel’s interest in creating a “greater Israel”.

    As far as the Wahhabis are concerned, they were concocted as a counter-weight against the Ottoman Empire, the last true caliphate (Lawrence of Arabia); and its variants have been used in recent history to undermine the Soviets in Afghanistan, break up the former sovereign nation of Yugoslavia (Balkanization) in Bosnia and Kosovo, used in the Bekaa Valley Lebanon, used against US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, in Libya and Syria, and the Caucuses against the current Russian government. Their trademarks terrorist acts include suicide bombings, mass killings, decapitation, and crucifixion. Ultimately, these unsuspecting “Muslims” are being used as tools for western oligarchic interests to destroy nations states, to loot the public’s institutions, to control the public’s media, armies, police, banking; and are the primary moving forces behind the drug cartels. Ultimately, I believe they serve Israel’s interest in creating a “greater Israel” at the expense of the United States.

    Are far as 9/11 is concerned, “al Qaeda” was the false enemy used to initiate the serial wars of pillage, and is still being used as a tool to bankrupt and subordinate nations, including the United States, to a fascist oligarchic NWO; and is used as a secret army for creating the global police state run by the drug and banking cartels centered around the City of London and Israel. Al Qaeda does exists, and is a threat to every man, women and child on the planet.

    • Amar says:

      You have no Idea what you are talking about …. none what so ever. Do you know that your comments are quite opposite to the truth? Your sources seem to be alternative media, which I am to a follower of, but honestly they have it all wrong, well most of it apart from the Palestine issue.

      Do some research into Islamic History and Eschatology? Do some research as to what Assads forces are doing to Sunni Muslims in Syria – you can easily find the videos on youtube? They are skinning kids alive, burning them, breaking bones the list goes on. All because they are Sunni Muslims. Same stuff happened in Iraq when Saddam was toppled, the Shia Muslims would rape and pillage Sunni towns. There has been cases when they snatched children and cooked them and sent them back to their parents houses on dinner plates, the same is happening in Syria.

      Islamic history and prophecy will lead you to Syria. The illuminati, the NWO has always wanted Syria, Iraq, Iran, and secretly Northern Saudi Arabia. Its all part of the greater Israel. Dont be fooled, they are merely using so called Al Qaeda to achieve their mission, but these forces you call even are not stupid and know what’s going on.

      Think about this…….. Why allow Iraq to have a Shia Govt? Why put media pressure on Bahrain and the other gulf countries with regards to their Policy on discriminating against Shia Muslims? Why make Iran out to be evil at the same time, knowing that it is Iran and it Mullahs that conjure up direst in the gulf countries? It doesn’t make sense, they are playing a role on both sides. Basically divide and conquer.

      You speak about Jewish Disoporia, mmmm lets see how did the whole Sunni, Shia divide come about. Shia love to push the story about what happened in Karbala when Imam Hussein r.a forces met Muawiyas forces. The truth is the divide happened many years before, to none of the 4 caliphs pleasure as there were those that were spreading lies about Ali r.a and lies about Abu Baker r.a and Omar r.a Again history shows us that Jews were behind the lies. Persian disdain about Islam entering Persia, about Islam becoming the Persian Empires religion. Before islam, Zoroastrianism and the Pagan religions of Babylon, and ofcoarse Judaism were the religions of the Day. Lets not forget Babylon (Persian Capital) was also the Jewish Capital for over a hundred years. So the caliph that spread Islam into Persia, the Caliph that the Shia hate and curse. (Omar Bin Al Khattab r.a) he was killed by Abu Lu Lu Al Majoosi (a jew), the Shia celebrate this day as a religious holiday. Do some research into the similarities of Judaism and Shia Islam, the culture, art, the occultic & mystic parts of the two religions, and lets not forget both Jews and Persians Hate Arabs. The truth is Persia is part of the greater Israel and the Illuminati know it, and the Shia know it, and are part of the plan.

      Islamic Eschatology teaches through Hadith that the Anti Christ (Dajjal) first appears near Iraq and Syria, his first followers are 70,000 jews wearing blue shawls from Esfahan (Iran). Go to esfahan today and you will find the Jew who still wear their white and blue shawls.
      It also teaches about the return of Jesus (Easa a.s) who returns to none other than Damascus. Syria is all important, to the illuminati some (Jews) some (Lucifarian) they have a common goal….they want Jesus on his return, they want to kill him. To Sunni Muslims Damascus (Al Sham) is where the beginning of the end takes place. Forgive me if Im wrong but Syria also plays a pivotal part in Christian Eschatology and Armageddon.

      Do not be fooled, the alternative media has for once got it wrong, because they dont know enough about ISLAM, Islamic history, or Islamic prophecy. They also tend to go exactly the opposite to mainstream media. They never however seek the opinion of Muslim Sunnis???????????? Why???? A third opinion straight from Sunni Arabs living in the region doesn’t seem to warrant an opinion. At this moment I can tell you Arab Alternative Media , well lets say peoples cameras are spreading the truth in the Arab World over the internet and it is showing a different picture to what mainstream media is showing People.
      The Gulf countries for the first time got involved in a conflict(Libya), well why was that well that year was the year that all the Shareholding Contracts for BP, Total came to an end in the gulf. Think about it UK and France need Oil revenue, negotiations on the table with the US as well, telling Gulf leaders help us or your next…..What would you do?????????????? Think about it. Now everyone knows the War in Libya was Illegal, the Sunnis are the bad guys and now they are even worse for entering Syria. Clinton last year asked congress for an additional $37bn in propaganda funds, on top of the $330bn they spend already. Why? She told congress they were losing the information battle to Alternative News. Why does the US continue to propagate Sunni Islam as a major threat, why does it demonize it so much…. Because the Truth is dangerous to the New World order. There is no denying Islam is the fastest growing religion in the World in terms of the number of converts, this to them is threat. Peoples Faith is a threat. This is why Christianity is not a threat anymore, it became too liberal, the Jews and Lucifarian Illuminati changed and then ridiculed Christianity to a point it turned people away. Another example of this ridicule of religion is What the mullahs of Iran have done to islam. Shia Islam is confusing and contradictive, causing people in Iran to be Atheist. Im not sure of the number but it is said that 30%+ of the Iranian population is now Athiest. Exactly what the illuminati want.

      Think about this also, alternative media on the internet seems to take much of its middle eastern news from sources such as press tv iranian(Shia) and some research institute out of california the main writer being iranian (Shia). Always bias against sunni rulers in the Gulf, and sunnis in general who by the way at least 95% of their population love them becuase at the end of the day they are just and provide for their people. They look after their countrymen, and maintain safety in what could turn in the blink of an eye due to Shia infiltrators in the region who want to do harm. Also they maintain safety from radical extremists who feel the rulers arnt doing enough to help in Syria etc…. there have been hundreds if not thousands of arrests in the past year all over the gulf of people who sympathize with Extremism. The rulers are not perfect but damn better than most places in the world.
      Last to counter your view on “Wahabis” infact saying the word is insulting, as it is one of the 99 names of god Allah (AL Wahab – Bestower). The name again concoted by Shia.
      It is attributed to those that follow the Muhammad ibn (Abd al-Wahhab / Slave of the bestower ) way of practising Islam (It is pretty much Salafi Islam) They are strict yes, but never forget to differentiate between culture and religion (example, women driving). Which people tend to forget to do when inspecting life in Saudi Arabia.
      What most people seem to not realize that there are ruling two clans in Saudi. (The Saud Family – Royals) and the Al Sharaf family (Who head religious affairs) These two familys were at war before they came to the agreement that they would split responsability (rule & relgion). They dont see eye to eye on many issues to this day.

      I could go on for days, my point is however feel free to research some stuff from a different angle. You may feel Im being bias towards sunni Islam, and the truth is I am, and for the sole reason I almost fell into the Shia trap as I didnt know my history and didnt know religion. It was the Shia trap that made me research and damn Im glad for it.

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