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66488_459381517450307_158652201_n“It has become a business transaction”

Syrian women and girls, some as young as 14 years old, are being ‘sold’ into forced marriages or prostitution after becoming refugees, aid workers and religious charities have said.

Many of the young girls are sourced from refugee camps in Jordan that house more than 120,000 Syrian refugees. The Turkish newspaper, Aiydynlik reported the same tragedy of the Syrian women in Turkish camps!


In Jordan, hundreds of Syrian females subjects of humans’ trade, where men use “agents” to source Syrian refugees to use for sex.

Often this is done under the guise of “marriage”: The ‘dowry’, which in Muslim society is traditionally paid by the groom as a guarantee of the bride’s security has become a payment for sex. And the “marriage”, is an affair that lasts only a few days or even hours.

Mut’ah or ‘pleasure marriages’,”a fake marriage which was preached by Arifi ,a while ago is now being used … they use handwritten documents that are not registered by a Shiekh .

Saudis and men from other countries try “to marry” girls in the camps. They would pay rent for a home outside the camp and tell the women they would support them. Then they would have sex with them and divorce them one week later.

Many Syrian girls have been impregnated and abandoned in this way.


United Nations officials and aid agencies estimate that at least 500 under age Syrians have been married this year.

Sexual exploitation of women has become a sad reality that accompanies wars in the Middle East.

One French aid worker inside Zataari camp said a woman in the camp regularly offers girls to the camp’s security guards.

The practice has caused outrage among the Syrian refugee community and in wider Jordanian society.