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One again we see that it is time for the ‘Enemies of Syria’ who stole our name to re-group and discuss new tactics, in their bid to take over Syria.

The murderers of innocent Syrian Civilians

The murderers of innocent Syrian Civilians

Founded by Hillary Clinton and John Ford, using Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, their very own FSA and the rest of the enemies of Syria, with the one and only objective to replace Bashar Al Assad with one of their puppets.

Everything they have planned, has so far failed. Sending in Terrorist groups to kill all supporters of the  government. Destroying infrastructure, stealing factory machinery and killing thousands of innocent citizens of Syria with their plan to turn a secular country into a purely Muslim Brotherhood country practising Sharia Law and all this in the name of Freedom for the people.

This is the USA’s idea of freedom and democracy, killing all the supporters of one government to replace it with one that they choose.

Democracy is a Government voted on by its own people. Democracy is not invading a country and killing  the supporters one government and replacing it with another chosen from outside the country.

The blood of the thousands of innocent people killed in Syria is on the hands of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Friends of Syria’ group. She may no longer be the Secretary of State, but she is the one who started all the killing of the Syrian people and then blaming the deaths on Bashar Al Assad.

Do these enemies of Syria really think that an opposition government who are killing the supporters of Bashar honestly think that if their is an election they would ever get anyone in Syria to vote for them after all the killing and butchering of innocent people. Are these animals really that stupid.

Democracy is decided by the Syrian people not by the USA. Russia and China are now looked upon as Peacemakers in this world and the USA the warmongers.

It used to be only in the history books where we saw a country invading another, by rape, murder and pillage, but today we see the USA doing this to Syria by using and funding terrorists. Strange to see that the USA are calling Al Nusra terrorists, but not Al Qaeda.

What evil are the Enemies of Syria going to come up with at this meeting.