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Today all of the enemies of Syria meet up to talk tactics on their illegal war on Syria. Probably discussing how much more money they have to pay the terrorists to kill more innocent people. How they can get more dangerous weapons into the terrorist and how they can assassinate Bashar Al Assad. 


Every time there has been one of these meetings there has been an escalation of terrorist car bombings immediately after. We can only imagine that this time they are planning some sort of chemical warfare as they have exhausted many of their other plans.

These terrorist leaders are convinced they can do as they please, killing women and children, using children in their terrorist army and get away with it.  They seem to think they are above the law.

We are not backed by anyone in Syria, but spread the voice of the Syrian people. We are from the Western Countries who are waging this illegal war and making the world aware of what is really happening in Syria.

The majority of viewers to this blog are actually American, followed by UK, Canada, Australia and Germany. To you terrorist lovers at the so called ‘Friends of Syria’ meeting, you should be looking after your own citizens instead of spending their tax dollars on killing innocent people in Syria, for no reason other than to take over the country.