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Israel feeling that the USA are not doing enough to topple Bashar Al Assad have taken matters into their own hands and started to attack Syria themselves.

It has long been known that the Israelis have been taken care of the injured terrorists, treating the injured in Israeli hospitals. We have seen Israeli weapons being used by the terrorists in the past.

In the past week we have witnessed terrorist films in which they are shouting out that they are being attacked by hezbollah  to give Israel an excuse to attack Syria. Of course there is no way that the terrorists would know that they were being attacked by hezbollah. I expect we will be seeing terrorists fighting terrorists, with one side having hezbollah written across their chest to get their point out. Nearly all of their new films, has them shouting out Hezbollah, so we knew they were up to something and now we know why.

Israel’s attack on Syria could now signify the start of WW3. We keep hearing Netanyahu, harping on about protecting the Israeli people from attack, well I think he has now put his own people in a precarious position now.

We see that this story has been spread by Reuters who are getting information from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which may we remind you is one man, working from his apartment in Coventry, who is known to spread the lies of the FSA. He seems to have a lot of details of what happened and who did it.

We should all be asking ourselves how did this man get this information, before we start believing it. Let us remind you of his predecessor Danny Boy who was caught out for all his lies and was then promptly taken over by this guy.

We have no  confirmation from Syria about this  attack, except that the Syria people were woken in the middle of the night by an explosion. So makes you wonder how SOHR seems to know far more than the Syrian people themselves.

The following film is from December last year.