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Many questions have been asked, why the Human Rights organisations are not doing enough to help the Syrian people and why they would rather defending the actions of the Al Qaeda Terrorists who are killing innocent Syrians?

It is not as if they do not have the evidence of this, because the terrorists film every evil murder and when they need more attention make a massacre, but still they are supported by the West and the Human Rights organisations, which are supported by the West.

Most of the information in the Western media comes mainly from two sources. One of these is The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. This so called Human Rights Organisation is a cover for a member of the Free Syrian Army, by one man who left Syria many years ago and has been supporting the terrorists from the start and is funded by the  EU. It is amazing how the EU fund people who cause war and spread lies, but do not fund those who work for peace. The EU received the peace prize, but supports war.

Rami AbdulrahmanHis name is Rami Abdul Rahman, who fled to the England in 2000 to escape jail in Syria. A known criminal which the British immigration allowed him to settle there. He works out of his flat in Coventry and spreads lying propaganda to the Media and to William Hague in London.

On several occasions we have noticed that this man, who is nothing more than a spokesperson for the FSA reporting terrorist attacks before they have actually happened. On another occasion he told of a car bomb being detonated in Aleppo with several deaths and many injuries. In fact, the Syrian Army intercepted the car bomb and made it safe, there was no explosion and no one was hurt. Obviously he was getting the information directly from the terrorists who had planted the car bomb. Yet Reuters and Associated Press, get all of their information about Syria from this man and still continue to, even though it is well known that he is the front man for FSA/Al Qaeda. The Israeli bombing was announced by him to the media just before it happened and the Terrorists had all their cameras set up waiting for the attack. The Syrians woke up in the morning not knowing what had happened, but this man in Coventry knew all about it as it happened. That is why all the news was coming out about it in the US first. As the opposition, he is probably funded by the US too.

No wonder all these men all over the world, are flocking to join the Al Qaeda terrorists. There is money in being a terrorist when they are paid by how many they have killed. The media are now making terrorism an accepted way of life, “Kill, kill, kill and we will call you rebels”, it doesn’t matter any more, because they will do what they have to do to topple Bashar Al Assad, no matter what the consequences are. Breeding more and more killers, which if not killed in Syria will continue to kill where ever they can, to spread Sharia Law around the world, which will be their reason to kill and they have threatened to do it.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is not a Human Rights Organisation but part of terrorist organisation, which are killing innocent Syrians.  Rami Abdul Rahman, should be arrested for inciting war and supporting terrorism.

It seems that all these so called Human Rights groups are just a cover for terrorism and manipulate the truth to protect the guilty.

imagesGeorge Soros is the most evil man in the world and then covers his arse by opening NGOs to cover up his evil deeds. He sells arms to terrorists in many wars and then tries to get the world to believe he is the good guy, with his NGOs. In fact he has so many NGOs, which cover almost every issue on the planet. His most famous are Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Try contacting some of the smaller NGOs and you won’t even get a reply. The list of his organisations is extensive. For a billionaire he should be supporting charities, not using them to line his own pockets.

Two human rights organisations, which are always blaming the Syrian Government for what the terrorists are doing. They are to cover the fact that George Soros himself is funding and arming the very terrorists his Human Rights Organisation are protecting.

It seems that all a Government has to do to start a war is set up several Human Rights Organisations to spread propaganda in your favour.

George Soros’s name has now been removed from the Wikipedia Web Pages for both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Now why would they do that? Why are they now hiding the fact that both these Human Rights Organisations are linked to Soros.

During the Kosovo war, the Soros Fund operated in Kosovo, until 1999 NATO bombings, a Civil Centre in Prishtina, which fought for the national independence of the local Albanian majority and in Belgrade it still operates the famous “Radio B-92”, which played a substantial role in anti-Milosevic’s student riots in 1996/7. (And than, in October 2000, it helped the “civilized” ? i.e. bulldozer and Parliament fire assisted ? destruction of the last socialist regime in Europe.)

At present many of Soros Fund linked intellectuals are in key positions of institutions controlling, economies and cultures of former East Block countries, and in Budapest this Foundation operates a whole International University of Central Europe.

George Soros plays also an important role in USA foreign politics, already in 1980 he organized, together with his close associates, Secretaries of State Zbig Brzezinsky and Madeleine Albright, a National Endowment for Democracy (NED) fund, which is a kind of joint venture of CIA and private business, greed oriented, activities.

After the Kosovo war these vultures took and are still trying to take the rich pickings from Kosovo. Madeleine Albright has one telecommuncations company and until recently trying to get her hands on the other. George Soros and Hillary Clinton are trying to get their hands on the minerals. If he succeeds in doing this, it will make him the richest man in the world.

This so called ‘philanthropist’ who should be giving money to charity, but in fact he opens NGOs to cover his back and make himself even more money. For example when he opened and NGO in Kosovo, he said he would put 250,000 euros into the organisation, but the Kosovo Government would have to match it. So he made 250,000 euros to start off with. Trying to get in touch with this NGO is virtually impossible and the very little it offers, is not worth it even being there. It was intended to help the young people get into work and start their own business, but all it does is give a scholarship to a lucky person of how to write a business plan, after their business has started. When everyone knows you have to write a business plan before starting a business to see if it is viable. So in fact he has made a quick 250,000 euros for doing nothing.

The best summary of George Soros humanitarian activities in South-East Europe gave Gilles d’Aymery in an article “Mapping the Human Rights Crowd in the Balkans” published on July 23, 2001 in the Jugoinfo vitrine: “Behind the veil of legitimacy and humanitarian concerns can be found the same powerful people and organizations such as the Open Society Institute of the billionaire and – as always characterized – philanthropist, George Soros, the Ford Foundation, the United States Institute of Peace, the National Endowment for Democracy and many more, financing and using a maze of well known NGO’s such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the International Crisis Group, etc., as well as more obscure entities …

But, among all of them, shining as the Southern star, is George Soros who, like an immense Jules Verne octopus, extends his tentacles all over Eastern Europe, South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus as well as the republics of the former Soviet Union.

With the help of these various groups (it is possible) not only to shape but to create the news, the agenda and public opinion to further aims which are, in short, the control of the world, its natural resources and the furtherance of the uniform ideal of a perfect world polity made in America.”

Despite such richness of this philanthropist activities, the general public hardly knows his name. During our meeting at Ljublana, young, 20 ? 25 years old, EU skeptics from several countries virtually ignored the name of Soros, my equal age, 59 years old Swiss German friend from Zurich wrote me that in his well informed country perhaps 2 percent of people knows about this billionaire.

This sample of text was taken from “George Soros’ International School of Youth Corruption” by by Marek Glogoczowski.

Spreading War in the name of Freedom

Spreading War in the name of Freedom

Now here is the transcript of an interview, which was aired on France 24 TV last year. It was trying to show the link between both Freedom House and Human Rights Watch.

David Kramer

David Kramer

If you have not heard of Freedom House, it is an NGO from the USA which is linked to the State Department and all but fully funded by the State Department with the aim of spreading democracy around the world.

This is the organisation, which get in on the ground of the country which the USA want to have control of, to spread this so called ‘Democracy’. As you will read in the next chapters, it took two years of work before the Arab Spring started in Egypt.

We have no idea how long they were planning Syria, but we know it has been in the planning for years. Senator John Ford who was the US Ambassador in Syria at the time had a prime role in this. From the very beginning he was travelling back and forwards to Turkey, where the Syrian take over was being planned.

We also now know that John Ford and Hillary Clinton founded the FSA in the USA. The take over of Syria and Freedom House was under way.

The whole propaganda story was ready to go with Al Jazeera owned by Israel and the USA would be the first source of spreading the media lies.

Faking demonstrations against the government. Now why would they need to make fake films of demonstrations if they could film real ones? Al Jazeera were paying people to demonstrate. I personally witnessed two of these in the making. It makes you wonder if there were any real demonstrations, when they were faking them from the beginning of 2011. Why is there a need to fake demonstrations if there were real ones.

Freedom House an active promoter for Democracy around the world, by helping dissidents organise themselves by training them for non violent protests.



David Kramer: They work in countries where there is little or no liberty, sometimes they can’t work directly in those countries and they have to work outside with dissidents who come out to get training, in places like Belarus or Burma. Where they have to come outside to get the training. We work in countries all

Freedom House an NGO set up and funded by the State Department to spread Freedom around the world and makes a huge impact, but it is their work on the ground, which is more controversial.

It’s roll after the Berlin Wall for example, now Freedom House is looking towards the Arab uprisings and doesn’t deny it was already in Egypt, before the revolution began.

David Kramer: We were not a formal presence there and worked with activists and civil society organisations prior to the revolution.

David Kramer is a former Assistant Secretary of State and is now the President of Freedom House. He rejects the common accusation that his NGO aims to help regime change.

David Kramer: We are not a revolutionary organisation; we don’t spawn revolutions. What happens in these countries, is due to the movements inside these countries.

There is no denying though that a very large part of the financing, 89% comes straight from the US Government.

David Kramer: We make no secret about that, but we are an independent organisation. We certainly have criticised the US Government. We don’t take orders from the State Department, or from the US Agency for International Development, or from the White House.

The annual budget stands at around 20 million dollars. With that money Freedom House has become one of the most influential promoters of Democracy in the World.

When asked,  what will Freedom House do next and when will they stop.

David Kramer: We will go from country to country, until we have spread democracy around the world. We have no plans to stop at the moment.

Human Rights Watch

soros_puppetA spokesman for Human Rights Watch which is heavily funded by George Soros. The same George Soros who is also funding the terrorists in Syria and previously in Kosovo, was asked his reaction to Freedom House.

It might be interesting to note, that since this story aired in early 2012, all connection with George Soros has been removed from Wikipedia.

HRW Spokesman: I think the reportage we just saw and shows that many NGOs work in many different ways. Personally I have interacted with Freedom House on many occasions. From when I started with Human Rights Watch in Uzbekistan, for example up until recently, my interaction with Freedom House has been positive and they have played an important roll in reporting activists and human rights defenders in countries where I have come across them.

Reporter: Some critics have said that perhaps Freedom House has a certain Right Wing bias and point to the fact that former Republican Officials are actually working with Freedom House or have worked with Freedom House. Such as the former Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld as well as Paul Wolfowitz. Have you seen any traces of that when you have been interacting with Freedom House, that indeed they have that kind of Conservative Right Wing, lenient attitude?

HRW: I have to say that, I personally have not and I think it is important that when we look at any NGO, that we look at not who necessarily is their backers, or who are involved, but look at these NGOs and evaluate what they are exactly doing and take that as the criteria for evaluating how effective NGOs are and whether there is any kind of bias in any of their work.

Reporter: Now are there any rules to the game, so to speak when it comes to spreading democracy and human rights? How do you go about doing your work, in Human Rights Watch, what’s your way of doing things?

HRW: Well different organisations have different mandates and different methods on how to work. For HRW it is incredibly important to be independent and to be seen as independent (Maybe why they removed George Soros’s Name) and objective in terms of what we are doing. We therefore are quite careful about who we are receiving funding from, not because it would change the way that we work, but it would change the perception of how we operate. I would also like to underline that HRW along with many other Human Rights Organisations are not in the business of regime change. We are getting consistently criticising regimes for their Human Rights abuses and trying to put an end to those abuses, but without having a position about whether the regime should change or not.

Reporter: But how do you go about your work? Freedom House openly says, that is supporting activists, to stand up against repression in certain countries like Belarus and Burma. Do you do that same work, do you do that?

HRW: Well an important part of the work of all International Human Rights Organisations is to support local Human Rights Movements and HRW is a relatively small organisation compared to many other organisations and we are completely dependent on a network of local Human Rights Activists (now known as rebels and terrorists) who support us to tell us what is going on inside a country, to help us locate victims and witnesses who have seen a particular thing and in that sense there is a vibrant, very much alive human rights network and human rights activists who can support us and can compliment the work that we do in the International arena, with work on the domestic arena.

Please note that the only activists they get their information from up to now have been the terrorist groups. They have never listened to the real Syrian people.
Reporter: I want to talk a little bit more about funding. You said before that HRW is really monitoring who it gets money from. How do you go about doing that and who does pay for you?

HRW: Well an important rule if you like, or important principle for all NGOs and all entities is that all funding should be transparent. It should be easy to see who is funding what. In terms of HRW we have as a rule as a principal, that we do not accept any funding from Governments and this is to ensure that we are not only independent, but we are also seen as independent and that it will not be possible to accuse of being lenient on a particular government, for example, because we are getting funding from them. So all our funding comes from either private individuals or which is the bulk of or funding or foundations and to some extent, events that we organise ourselves.

Hardly transparent when they have removed George Soros’s name, when he is the funder and founder of HRW.

Reporter: How do you monitor that, how do you monitor the funding situation?

HRW: We have very specific rules even for private individuals and foundations, who can and cannot give us money. For example, occasionally or sometimes we are put into a position where we do criticise actors in the extractive industry, for example. We have rules that we do not accept money form companies working in the extractive industries and we do not even form private individuals whose resources are coming from extractive industries and we have a division at HRW, which is called Business and Human Rights and of course they are looking very closely at how business is involved or implicated in Human Rights violations. At the same they are an integral part in vetting potential donors for the organisation to make sure that there cannot be a conflict of interest for us.

Reporter: Now another point of criticism against Freedom House has been the fact that they have only been working in countries that the American Administration themselves or itself, is criticising such as Burma, Venezuela and Belarus. How do you pick your targets, so to speak, how do you go about deciding where you’re going to put your resources in?

HRW: Well for us in about 90 countries around the world. (Not so small after all) Of course we don’t put an equal amount of resources into all of those countries, because our resources are limited, we also have to make choices in terms of what countries to work on, what projects we take on. For us there are several criteria and one of them is the severity of the abuses. For example if there is a particular type of violation that concerns a lot of people or has very severe implications for the people that are concerned. That would mean that we might prioritise that topic and that issue. We also look very much at what we can do with it and so if there is a topic, where we see that there is an opportunity for us to really make a change; if there is a very important legislation coming up in a country, an international treaty being developed, then those are the kind of developments that we use to prioritise, the issues that we are working on and putting more resources into issues where we know that we can make a significant change.

So who are these Human Rights Organisations really protecting. Make up your own mind.