Russia Threatens to Bomb Qatar and Saudi Arabia

A senior source in the Russian Air Force told to Moscow website Telegrafistthat Russia had plans to bomb Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

17953_1He claims that the combat mission can be done by a unit of Su-27s, as well as by modern bombers Su-34s with extra fuel tanks, accompanied by the Su-27s.

“Today, the situation is such that even in case if the Su-34s do not have enough fuel to get out of Iran’s airspace on return flight, they will be able to land right there”, he said – “a combat radius of the Su-27s allows fly to the capital of Qatar and Saudi Arabia and return, the Su-34s do not have such radius”.

On the question when and why these plans developed, the Russian Air Force officer replied:

“Saudi Arabia is a key US ally in the region, not Israel, as many suggest, namely the regime of King Abdullah who is willing to get involved where you want to please his masters, so of course the Soviet Union was preparing plans for the destruction of this regime because without it – Saudi Arabia will no longer be an integral state and Washington will get hordes of barbarians who destroy their bases by using the same US military hardware”.

The Russians also claimed they needed no more than 24 hours for the entire operation to destroy the ruling circles of the two monarchies from the air.

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center

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Trying to put a stop to the lies being spread by the world press about Syria.
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57 Responses to Russia Threatens to Bomb Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Michael Tesfamariam says:

    I will be the first non Russian citizene to volunteer with Russian army to fight against any war declared’ by Russian enemies if Russia bombs Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

  2. kAVKAZ CENTER is a Chechen Al Qaeda source …and as such must be considered to be totally disreputable

  3. Yechiel says:

    The Russian mentality is anti Moslem so it selected the two countries that competes with Russian oil business. Russia does not care about Syria and never has but uses it as an excuse to eliminate Russian competition the same way the mafia does.



  5. mustafa says:

    whom so ever is rulling the saudi arabia if these rulling families of saudi arabia they are from jewish clan even though if whole muslim community is dying and saudi arabia is behind it what is needed just to kill these ruling family or their entire clan but to put any bomb on saudia cannot be tolerated because this is the land of our beloved profit mohammed (pbum) dear fellow momineens remeber it can be a conspiracy against islam if putin want to bomb saudia arabia i have watched his many intervives during chechan war i can see him as a worst enemy of islam they are pretending to help syria but i swear to god they are cause of the problem the way i am seeing the situation putin is after the energy power his believes are if we have gasoline or petrol or gas we can conquer the world that is his believe so i believe putin is again a worst enemy of islam u people will know soon they are just playing with muslims overall god bless our shia brothers of iran they proved the real muslims of present day time and inshallah they will bring back the glory of islam back i m constantly watching their interviews they are highly motivated muslims and they have enough knowledge to defend their faith and they are proving it i m sunni guy but what i am seeing most of the sunis have lost their faith and imman buy working as agents of west the whole process started from pakistan now they have controlled almost most of the sunni ruling countries except shia muslim brothers some body was blaming saddam as american agent so i want to clear the confusion of my brother who wrote that thing i pray god should forgive saddam hussain for his bad deeds against muslim brothers and i believe that god had punished him in this life before his death it is possible that god has forgiven him here in this life and its mercy of allah he can forgive him in second lifeactually he was not an agent but a stebburn man who was not having any kind of feeling for islam he was a communist by nature but first gulf war has changed him and bring towards islam it was too late because when he started his rule he suppoed to rule according to shariah a real one not saudi one than i can bet he was one of the best leader even islam saw after salahuddin ,saddam hussain was a great general what cause all his future defeats it is only because of his communist rulling style he was following moe of russian stalin he forget ummib-khatab when our beloved ameerulmoomenin’s son commited zina he himself punish and during the punishment the son died than after burying his son the remaining hunters they lashe it on his grave i will not bore u people what my concern is because of his communist way of living his society got spoiled especially his own family his own sons caused most of the demage to him his son can do any kind of criminal activities and if someone resist than he will come under the shelter of saddam hussain this is not an only example just to makesure that what i am saying it is not mythical .
    dear brothers we need to have the knowledge of understanding and recognizing the momin and kufar ,as a muslim we cannot differentiate by god or bad our believe is if good is not doing under the supervision of islam or we can say someone is good but is not following islam this good is valueless under islamic point of vew dnt plz manuplate it if someone wanna ask i am here to answer now our problem is to rule our own body under islam law before we should impose it on others moreover now our fight is against kufar not against our non muslim fellow brothers this kufar world particularly is something going on against islam but our zionist devils have manuplated this particular word to make islam look bad but reality is kufir word we cannot use against any human being we can use it against some bad deeds or anything happening in the society against the law of islam anyhow i will come to the point when saddam realize what west are planning he immediatly reacted against them he was the first muslim who actually came to know what all christians and zionists are planning against muslims i watched most of his speeches or interviews i swear to god he was telling every one i m the big hinderance for them first they will take me down than they will gather all arabs and kill them i heard these words from saddam during one speach i swear to god now it is exactly happening why i m defending him is because before he died i can see him as real mujahid and i m very sure almighty god must have forgive him and his family that is the reason they lost their lives very brutally these barbarians christian crusaders had killed them god have mercy on them and forgive them they suffered a lot before they were killed moreover i swear to god my iman is telling me before sadam got shahda i can see him a true leader and best general of 21th century in muslims before we can have this kind of warior leader it is very hard because in this century our womens dnt have the islamic way of their livings just to wear hijab doesnt give the assorance of a perfect muslim women but to have that kind of knowledge pakezgi and real islamic emotions so allah ho allam he knows everything now one more important thing i want to write here to defend saddam hussain shaheed is if he really kill those our brothers kurds even than we cannot punish saddam for that act because unless and until saddam was alive the rulling family of saudia arabia or u can jews orgins who pretend to be the protector of islam are using money which belongs to muslim brothers aginst the muslimeens under cover of help but reality is they are doing their best to vanish iman from muslims they are not vanishing islam because islam is not their enemy ,their enemy is iman the faith on allah subhanahutalla and belief of following the path of beloved profit mohammed (pbum) so they are bulding madrassa they r bulding libararies but emty from inside they are extracting our belief on islam and trust on our allah my dear brothers we need to be very careful and use a middle path dnt react instantlly after hearing that muslims r dying if we have faith in allah than believe me islam and imman is comming back again in our lives soon it is massacre of monafeekins and mushrikeens now time has come to differentiate imman and kufer we dnt need to do anything our almighty allah has started this mission dnt think anyone can destroy syria because syria will be first place where waliullahs will come and baeth on the hand of immam mehdi i swear to god when i see bashar al assad i feel zealous how come he was choosen to differentiate imman and kufar i am so happy at the same time that this moment has come where we muslimeens need to be united and very precautive in our any action or anykind of controversy dnt involve just prepare and try to read about the biography of sohabhas especially umbar ibn khatab rz than accordingly our brains will open and will help us to know or diffrentiate conspiracy or real situation or movement which is going on against islam i pray somebody shd come i will definatly join that army who will start killing all those sunni leaders of present day starting from saudia arabia i swear i m a sunni muslim actually i can say a muslim who has belief of iman all books of god angel of and prophets of god and a very respect and love for all sohabas especialy khulfahe rasheddin may god protect my imman so brothers now time has come not to protect our lives but our imman if without imman we will leave this world than we will loose everything we will be hell wassalam reply me and rectify me if i am wrong somewhere

    • yuri JNR PUTIN says:

      When the field’s wide open
      I’ll pick the horse who’s got the biggest heart,Jesus and the New Republic.

    • Soso says:

      great story now we can make a movie, you almost have the entire column :)

      • yuri Sargeant Steiner says:

        Captain Kiesel: Steiner… is a myth. Men like him are our last hope… and in that sense, he is a truly dangerous man.

    • The Kid says:

      What and be King of a Graveyard…Things are not what they seem…It’s all a show…
      I have become ABSOLUTE…so now those around me got the “uh oh” look now…
      Well may be when the young girl of the Sarin gas that survived said all I want is
      “justice”…well now…if that is all you need I can do that from where I am…already did…
      So how’s that Catholic Church working out? Smile! Some are too smart for their own britches according to the elders around me…lol…if things work like they seem then change will come sooner and faster than you and me put together…get prepared!
      God is not in a good mood and I sense we are to do some things for HIM to HELP humanity not KILL them! We must go in and extract and send those afflicted with that
      “power addiction” to Geneva to get an examination of legal matters..if they want to…
      But may be I am wrong…who knows and who cares…we are in this together folks…
      If we do not band together and use technology to communicate that “we the people” of the world are done with this “governments systems dysfunctions” that continue to plague each country as it does…then we are “mean on clean”; after all we are the hired help…
      If we fail to clean it up and throw out the “trash” then our backyards will begin to stink…
      Remember: There are more PEOPLE then there are POLITICIANS…locally…globally…

  6. Catholic Glasses says:

    Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses.

  7. Unite Muslim Ummah says:

    Do you think that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are free from Arab spring. This is a domino effect theory, they will follow soon. America have huge debt from Saudi Arabia a countless trillion dollar debt. In order for America to erase or not to pay this debt. The only solution is to changes the Monarch in Saudi Arabia into new puppet government. Just what happen to Iraq.

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  10. Demon says:

    Saudi Arabia is the scourge of the Middle East. Their ‘ruling’ family is concerned about nothing but themselves. They squabble daily over who is going to rule and make petty killings in order to gain power. This is happening while 40-60% of the country lives in poverty. That’s right. They claim it to be 20% but that’s far off the truth. In a country which makes so much money from oil sales, they use most of it for themselves. The people suffer while this happens. The ruling family needs to be disposed of, and fast before they waste anymore money. Their recent playtoy has been Syria, where they’ve caused 100,000 deaths because they have been constantly funded the rebels. How did the rebels suddenly gain access to so many weapons? Saudi and Qatar are the answer. The war there is artificial; it would have finished long ago without constant funding to the rebels, and the country would be at peace. Qatar isn’t as bad as Saudi, but the family there still needs to be gotten rid of. They just waste so much money and leave none for the people, it is disgusting. I’m not saying they should necessarily be wiped off the planet, but they should be thrown out of office as it were.

    • Lol... says:

      Cheer up mate…when that Birthright owner appears in Geneva soon…all the world will shit their pants…same one that busted the Catholic Church…this one doesn’t have a lot of money but a peticular set of skills…God given…lol…and when all the dust settles in Geneva – by the way Assad us headed there I hear…Birthright will be $20 trillion rich…
      too bad for terrorism and corruption…and I agree with you…most with money think they are all that and a ham sandwich…live entertainment will be watching humanity grill those “rich sandwiches”…birthright owner plans to invest in “humanity” better return is the rumor…lol…too smart for your own britches I reply…oh here comes the glare…lol…

      • The Kid says:

        hey you…where you been mate…anyways…become absolute now…done fooling around with the bureaucracy of USA…dumb-asses…might make it a “teachable moment” for all…
        It sounds like you need to “sober up” as you got incoming now…break is over mate…

    • hawk says:

      What a crap! Am an expat living in saudi arabia at the moment. What i witness here id that even a bedoin living in remote desert enjoys luxaries and facilities from govt that some rich countries also cannot dream of. Ppl get 100% free education free health facilities excellent roads and infrastructure. Daily killings …bull shit! I havent heard a single killing here for ages do stop utterring this nonsense what u dont know

      • Zombie says:

        Saudi Arabia is killing shias in damam and other cities who are protesting for human rights and equal opportunities and Saudi Arabia has send troops to Bahrain to massacre shia protestors and rape their girls in prison. You cannot be that blind

      • yuri Gated Mind says:

        You must live in one of those gated community type thing’s,do you sell oil or guns for a living,my TV tells me every thing is ok,Comming up,sports score’s after the break!Who needs road when you dont know where it is your going!We get free education in the west,look how dumb we have become,health care,depleted uranium,nothing you can do about that,so the scum saudis live well while blowing every one else up,you know what hawk,get FUCKED!Bombs Away Arabia,see you in the stone age,Love Yuri.

  11. Amy Rohde says:

    sometimes people don’t know what they are talking about, do you think it would stop there,idiots
    why destroy everything, why? we all live on this earth and it is a beautiful planet being destroyed by greedy people who care nothing for you all they want is power over life and death

    • Ilija says:

      Ah,do you know what we do to our food?All these poisons at the end come to our stomachs.Nikola Tesla,he had a prototype of a electric car without batteries….it disappeared without trace.Everybody knows we can build washing machines that do not need any detergent.Few people are using many.We must unite if we are to make Earth a better living place.

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  13. the man says:

    those bolshevik cocksuckers would dare to hit Saudi. They only good at oppressing their own people. Putin – brainless moron.

    • You’re obviously the moron Cock su##er! Asshole!

    • Bedros says:

      go to hell you idiot, Saudi Arabia is the kingdom of Satan and you want to protect it?

    • Badra Sid says:

      They have been defeated in afghanistan, they are full of hot air.

    • yuri the woman says:


    • Henri says:

      I am Russian. I want to say, that Putin dont oppressing me, dont oppressing my friends and dont oppressing nobody in Russia, except Wahabee, pederasts and compradors. If sombody talk about oppreisng by Putin, this “somebody” is a pederast, a comprador or a Wahabee. And may be homosexual Wahabee.

    • Anthony Gotti says:

      The “Bolshevics” were simply a bunch of criminal Jews. Putin is Christian and that makes him a brother to another two billion Christians who can conceptualize and manufacture weapons. Without those weapons sold to the Muslims so they can kill each other and a few Jews for good measure, Islam would be using knifes as they do in China. Born and bred murderers will use anything, just look at Israeli and Hamas murderers. F… Semites, same crap different religion.

  14. A.Oscar says:

    Could be possible of such idea which that was what I have had in mind last week: The world is in such bad situation which only Russia could save the world. Not even was in the first and second world wars like we have now: which could confrontation between Russia, China and NATO, because US thinking NATO could help in the confrontation towards the others. Human Nature do not behave the way should be: to help the environment and send humans to another planet to save Mankind of a completely extinction or perish. The world having many problems which some of them can’t be fixing.

    • Lol... says:

      honestly? they are being LAZY period…why do it yourself when you can bark an order?
      So tell me what happens when the hired help goes on strike…globally…at once…lol…

    • Russia did save the world twice now . 1st during the 2cd w war and again during the cuban missle crisses Need to read ” the man who saved the world “

  15. liberator says:

    and this plan is great unlike the vicious plan of west to destroy Kaba,Makka and Medina.I am afraid to say but they have this plan that is Nuke Hejaz with B 2

    • Alep Maaloula says:

      i am convinced that if Russia should nuke those two countries of dirt, they would just be doing a favor to the West, in fact doing the dirty job in their place. Saudi and Qatari are just useful idiots, they have been used and manipulated because of their money and because they are going to cause the great war between Sunni and Shia; but once they become useless, they will be wiped out, disposed of like a dirty handkerchief. They are the only real fools who were duped by the compliments of the shrewd zionist brains which made them believe they were going to become the rulers of the next khalifat, in reality, each and everyone is convinced that they are as valuable as the jellaba they wear. Who can ever respect a traitor? Not even his friends! They have all Libyan, Syrian and Iraki blood on their hands., therefore they deserve to roam in the desert and drink camel’s urine for eternity. Who ever believed that USA was all of a sudden friendly to moslems? They were never. In time, they will show their true face and their real target which is to destroy not only Islam but all religions in order to replace them by a new ideology, a new kind of tyranny: New World order.

  16. liberator says:

    well then bomb the palaces and liberate Hijaz

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  18. Alep Maaloula says:

    YESSSS!!!!! please, let this wish come true!! after all the horrors seen in Libya and now in Syria, i pray day and night for the destruction of those 2 states. I hope not to die before i see the complete devastation of those two wicked nations: Qatar and Saudi Arabia which are two deserts populated with lazy people, deprived of culture and any kind of morality; just arrogant cowards, liars and useless buggers who have filled the earth with their dirt. Enough is enough! Thank you Russia.

    • Badra Sid says:

      In your dream …… why killing innocent people …. you are sick.

    • bandarq says:

      Lazy people. Ur funny
      We have resources and we’re utilizing them.

      The majority of saudi are wise enough and Russia is serious about attacking let them do it.
      It will the real start of iii war.

      • john says:

        saudi arabia will be destroy and the resources making you(muslims) proud it will burn forever.GOD will burn arabia finally.this is punishment of it’s dirt(islam) that it spread all over the earth.before its too late turn to real GOD who is incarnate(yeshua Messiah) this is a msg for all muslims jst think about it if you don’t it is not good for will have to suffer and if you are waiting for mahdi as your messiah you are simply waiting for destruction be carefull……

      • Listen Mr. Bandarq, your only ressource is crude oil and …sun…. You are using the first of course but for your own benefit and in order to ignite wars and the worst kind of wars: civil wars, which are the most ruthless and cowardly kind of wars. You dream of transforming Syria in your private resort and Lebanon your brothel. Do you really thinnk that Syrians are not aware of who your people really are and what are your values? i have seen with my own eyes, in Toulouse (France), the planes which are ordered by Khaliji families; i have seen the kind of decoration and amenities which you can’t find even dream of in Buckingham Palace. It is an insult to any intelligent and decent human being. Your hypocisy is endless and people around the world are discovering how sick you people are.

    • itsmeZ says:

      HEARTLESS human.. tsk!
      you’re sick and pathetic..if you believe they are lazy people, deprived of culture and any kind of morality; just arrogant cowards, liars and useless buggers who have filled the earth with their dirt that doesn’t mean they should..

    • angel says:

      I am sure you have never lived in Qatar so you don’t know how modern and nice it is. providing jobs and is full of expats. Very peaceful state. Actual population for Qataris is only 20 percent, & most are very well educated and very kind to expats living & working there.
      Are you aware there are 2 American bases there in Qatar? I’m sure this would bring ww3 if this happened. I lived there with my husband who was born there. Many innocent people are born there who are not Qataris but only know Qatar as home. So
      you’re talking nonsense to just blow up any state for only political hatred. The solution is not to go blow up people just because you don’t like what their leader does or doesn’t do.
      war is wrong anyway you look at it.

  19. Pakistani sunni says:

    great Russia we Pakistani Muslims whit you to bring democracy in Saudi Arab and in Qatar and in Bahrain go ahead

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  21. Jahangir/Gianni Shah UK says:

    What a brave and tactical plan to solve the whole Middle East cancer and aids desease rproblem by it’s roots! There is no other solution than this! Israel will itself as they are a cowards!

    • Alan says:

      Yes, Israel are such cowards they have defeated the combined armies of Islam on 4 occasions. Dream on boy!

      • Zionists are brave when faced with unarmed women and children. But when they met MEN from Hisb’ullah, in Lebanon 2006, they shat themselves and ran.

        Faced with Russian fighter jets they will no doubt repeat that swift bowel motion. ;)

    • bandarq says:

      U shouldn’t let ur personal and emotional issue drive ur thought.
      Right Y??f

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