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Doesn’t this story sound familiar

Resignations of the Egyptian journalists working at the Qatari al-Jazeera satellite channel continued in protest of its provocative policy and non-professional coverage of the events in Egypt and its role in igniting sedition among the Egyptians. 


Karem Mohamed, Ahmed Abdul-Roauf, Fatima Nabil from Al-Jazeera Mobasher (the media group’s live station) office in Egypt , Shehata Awad, Osama Radi, Alaa Ayouti and Hatem Farid joined the list of the resigned journalists.

Earlier, Hajjaj Salama, al-Jazeera reporter in Luxor and Wissam Ibrahim correspondent in Cairo resigned from the channel in protest of its provocative policy and its role in igniting sedition among the Egyptian people.

Egyptian journalists also demanded Al-Jazeera crew be expelled from the press conference of the military spokesman of the Army and Armed Forces and spokesman of the Interior Ministry regarding the Brotherhoods and pro-Mosri attack on the Republican guards headquarters.

Editor of the Egyptian ” al-Watan” newspaper Majdi al-Jallad launched a popular campaign, on behalf of the newspaper and pressmen in the Egyptian satellite channels and newspapers, to delete Al-Jazeera channel from receivers in all houses because of the subversive role it plays against Egyptian citizens.

” Al-Jazeera channel coordinates with Western intelligence agencies and regimes to overthrow the Egyptian army and destroy the Egyptian state for the benefit of the United States and Israel, ” al-Mojaz website quoted al-Jallad as saying in a televised interview.