Egypt Will Give Full Support to Syria if US Attack

Cairo – September 2, 2013 – (SANA-B. Mousa / F. Allafi) – The Egyptian national forces stressed its stance on supporting Syria’s people and government in facing the U.S. threats of launching an aggression on it, adding that Syria is a part of the Arab and Egyptian national security.


At a press conference, the National Alliance of the Egyptian Revolutionary Forces called on the Arab nation to realize the plots hatched by the US and Britain to fragment the region.

The national forces of Egypt strongly condemned the Arab League stance regarding Syria, rejecting to hand another Arab country to the NATO as the League did with Libya.

Tahani al-Jabali, who recited the forces’ statement, said, “As a response to the U.S. current threats on Syria, we clearly announce our full support to Syria’s people and government in facing the conspiracy and aggression which threaten the national security of Egypt,” affirming that the national security of Egypt is based on that of Syria.

She added, “We clearly announce our adherence to the Arab destiny and our rejection of the aggression on Syria and the terrorism which is fueled by the Muslim Brotherhood who are supported by Turkey and its NATO partners.”

The statement demanded the interim government of Egypt to support Syria against the U.S. potential aggression, calling for restoring the Egyptian-Syrian relations on the highest levels.

The statement pointed out that the role played by Turkey stems from its membership in the NATO and its strategic relations with Israel which were revived by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The statement said, ” We hope that Erdogan remembers that he is not Sultan Abdul-Hamid and Egypt is not a state subordinate to his country either,” adding, ” Egypt is greater than being undermined by such a despicable person.”

The statement has been signed by the Movement of Defending the Republic, the Egyptian National Alliance, the National Initiative of the Positive Interaction and a number of popular figures.

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Trying to put a stop to the lies being spread by the world press about Syria.
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8 Responses to Egypt Will Give Full Support to Syria if US Attack

  1. Richard Braverman says:

    The 1978 peace treaty between Israel and Egypt disbanded Egypt’s senior military leadership. What was left was junior officers and yes men. The creative minds that defeated Israel were retired and forgotten. At the same time the offensive capabilities of the Egyptian Armed Forces were greatly reduced and degraded. Today Egypt is a paper tiger with just enough weaponry to beat up and hurt its own people. The first shot fired by Egypt will be the last shot fired by Egypt. At one time Nasser set out on an independent path that allowed Egypt to manufacture her own fighter jets, missiles and naval combatants. Three billion dollars a year later, Egypt has been castrated all for pennies and without a squeak from the people.

  2. grace says:

    The arabs are divided because the jews and US always wanted that kind of scenerio, but now is a different situation. All the arabs should help Syria in any way they can, or the whole ME will be controled by Tel Aviw and Washington, and they will not stop on Damascus. Remember as long as there is oil in the ME and Israel, there will be no peace! Iran next! And that is what they aim for.! Only blind and deaf person doesn’t understand that!!! Arabd unite over Syria please. Don’t let those barbarians to destroy you!!!!

  3. mikael says:

    I speek for the sane and for the truth, if this is true, They should know, that the wast majorety of humans on this planet is behind the Egyptian people and their repsresetants.

    WE all see the darkness spreading, lies and deseptions are their nature and their game, its their cover, but not any more, the last week have been a long display of Whom They are, the enemys of justice and truth, the imperialsitic and insane Ussa/Israel.
    Like rabies infested creatures, druling in aticipation of wading in blood, more blood, the reeasent so caled Cemical attac wasnt enouf, no, The barking mad f…. wants More blood.

    Do notice, Arabs and Christians, not the followers of the utterly evil Talmud/old testaments, th e Judeo-Christian insane belife in the more insane entety, the canaanitian warlord Baal/odin/and more/a.s.o.
    The Sunni, and the shiiah, braches that must realise the simple truth, you all are folowers of Allah, and have YOU forgotten it allready.
    False prophets, cry for wars and savagery, against their own, on topp of it.
    Go back to the core, where both Joshua Ben Joseph(pbwh) and Muhammed(pbwh), both are crystal clear, trust your inner guide, if it speaks of Justice, truth, copasion and love, then you know its Their teachings, anything, anything, else, is lies.
    To be the ultimate warrior, to rise into the raks of consciousness and morale, is to firgt injustice and for the truth for the human kind, without using anykind of violence.
    Thats mastering intent.
    And wil be hailed, by Allah and his prophets as the greatest sacrifice any human can give or do, like the children going ro war zones, in far to many lands, day by day, intheir thirst of knowledge and the future.
    THEY are the ONES I wil bow for, so far, anywhere they are, with no expetions what so ever.
    DO YOU HAVE the same level of determination and will power..
    As the Children risks their life, everyday.

    This is the last stand against Darkness.
    The judgment day.
    The road between, living on You knees, or die Standing.
    Thats it.

    The MSM havent once, not once since the war against Syria, talked about the Christians inside the sone where the so caled Syrian Free Army have controll.
    Not once have they asked critical questions, not once, only ointed on some of us and screamed “conspiracy nutts”, and all to divert the attention from the fact that They have selled their soul, for a handfull of silver money.
    This is something WE the people WIL remeber, MSM; never forgett that.

    I have all along, since the beginning of the Arab spring waited, not for the UssA/Israel backed “revolution” is stopped, it will be halted, but not before the Arabs them selfs awakens, to all the lies, served straight into You eyes.
    I have awaited for the true Arab Spring, like the old golden era.
    This is what I hope to behold, and see grow, the only force I can imagine, as we speak, that have a slight possibility to alter the senario.
    Unify, is the mantra, hagle afterward but, right now, unity is everything.
    Divided YOU WIL fall.

    And the world is with you.


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  5. BS says:

    Al sisi was trained in the US and is at the moment in the back pockets of the gulf sheikdoms. Even though i don’t think egypt will support an attack they can’t do anything about one and their certainly are not gonna attack the US forces even though they have the military hardware right now to try and attack the USS nimitz which is currently in the red sea but don’t expect them to. Syria has only hezb and iran till the end the russians will probably just help out with intel about missile launches and counter electronic warfare BUT no real shooting.

    • Anon says:

      why then all the Russian warships? between the axis powers and Syria….. You think Russia will just let the US bomb Syria over their heads!! …… big gamble don’t you think?

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