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Obama backed and supported Al Qaeda/FSA terrorists have threatened several times how they are going to spread Sharia Law around the world when they have finished in the Syria and the USA are are supporting this. They are supporting Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Starting the Arab Spring and supporting Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, against the wishes of the people in these countries.

It is not the Assad government who is a threat to the USA it is Obama, who invaded Syria, which was in peace, by forming  the FSA in the USA and using them along with Al Qaeda to attack Syria, destroy it and kill the innocent citizens and then pretend it was the opposition political party. The Opposition was founded in the USA, each ex. pat Syrian  that Hilary Clinton’s so called friends of Syria meetings elected as head of this USA made party, resigned and it now is led by a Bedouin as they couldn’t find anyone better. Obama uses his Muslim Brotherhood ally Erdogan to train his army and send them into Syria through Turkey.

Obama is recruiting terrorist from all over the world using a Turkish NGO IHH and arming them with weapons from Saudi Arabia.

In this video these Al Qaeda/FSA terrorists or rebels as Obama calls them are singing about how they destroyed the the twin towers. A translation of some of the song:

Our leader is bin laden who horrifies America.

We destroyed America with a civilian plane.

Trade tower became a hill of dust.

Alawite police , wait for us.

We are going to slaughter you without any agreement.