Friends of Kosovo

Now that Kosovo has been un-wisely been compared to the Syrian conflict, as the success story for the USA. It is now getting reputation, as a terrorist state by the media after having trained Libyan terrorists and now many Albanians being recruited to fight Jihad in Syria, but Kosovo is fighting back.

by Halil Matoshi

Any Kosovars who travel to Syria to join the terrorists to fight for jihad against the Syrian Government  of Bashar al-Assad, could find themselves stripped of their Kosovo citizenship, to prevent them returning home.


As Turkey is the gateway into Syria, for the terrorists, it is also the gateway for the Al Qaeda/Al Nusra, FSA terrorists to enter Europe after killing and butchering in Syria. Although the FSA are being funded with money and arms, by the USA and Saudi Arabia, while they are killing in Syria, the USA are not so keen to let…

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