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Obama’s Butchers Publish Their Prize

Published activists picture of the pilot who was  flying the chopper Syrian dropped by defenses Turkish above the village of Yusufiya Jebel Turkmen in the countryside, Latakia, said activists that the pilot descended from the helicopter by parachute on the area under the control of the fighters, militants from the  Islamic state quickly seized him and cut off his head.


The USA, UK and France are still supporting and paying these butchers to kill. FUKUS are fueling the war in Syria. Without the US backing there would be NO war.

It the USA who are at war with Syria and have been right from the start, so Obama has the power to stop the killing of innocent Syrians, but he chooses to carry on killing them, by sending in more and more terrorists paid for by US Dollars and trained and armed in Turkey. Now we know the US are giving them fake passports, they will be able to travel worldwide when they have finished their dirty work in Syria.

The USA are complaining as being seen as weak, but we all know the USA is weak, because it follows orders from Israel. Power was lost a long time ago.