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a militant of Free Army in an Israeli

a militant of Free Army in an Israeli

“Istanbul Council” has thanked Israel for the ongoing supplies to its insurgents in Syria and called on to keep curing the wounded fighters in its hospitals within the framework of coordination between the opposition and Israel.

“Walah” website has quoted an Israeli radio as saying that “Jacob Margi, who is a member in Knesset of the Shas Party, has met in Turkey the armed groups’ representatives, who asked for providing support and supplies for them, voicing their appreciation to the treatment that Israel is providing to their injuries.”

“I had an impression about the delegation that I have met, which is depressed from the West’s support,” Margi said.

Muhammad Adnan, a Syrian opponent who heads the so-called “Syrian Revolutionaries union in Syria”, that the circumstances proved that Israel is not an enemy anymore, but a partner in the struggle against a common enemy.

The Radio highlighted that the Syrian opposition has delivered to Margi new requisites demanding Israel to increase its Israeli support to the opposition not only delivering treatment.