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The USA worried at the embarrassment of Bashar Al Assad would cause them if he won the poll. Time magazine have removed the availability to vote for him.

Assad has been in the top ten in the last two years and was the highest placed leader last year. This against the Obama lies that Assad is killing his own people. This year there is also support from US citizens now they know that Obama has been lying about the situation in Syria and supporting the terrorists who have been butchering Syrian citizens.

Bashar Al Assad is fighting the world terrorists, single handedly with only the support of Russia While the USA are funding Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and ISIL.

You can see below the two people either side of the Assad page which are working perfectly and Assad’s image and poll have been removed.

Last year Time Magazine announced Obama as the person of the year even though he was the most unpopular on the list. So why do they even bother with this poll, which cannot be believed. Who is voting for Erdogan? The Turkish leader hated by his people and has demonstrations against him still, but you won’t see it in the media.

This poll is just a farce.

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