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As we said three years ago, that Obama has opened a huge can of worms when he started funding terrorists. The terrorist army is growing on a daily basis, with men from all over the world being recruited to go and fight for Jihad. Now they are being wiped out in Syria, by the Syrian Arab Army, they have moved to Iraq where the army is not so strong.

In the picture above, you can see a commander of the ISIL standing next to another terrorist holding a weapon capable of attacking civilian aircraft.

In the picture above, you can see a commander of the ISIL standing next to another terrorist holding a weapon capable of attacking civilian aircraft.

Obama keeps on repeating the same story that they are only funding the moderate terrorists. There is no such thing as a moderate terrorist. A terrorist is a terrorist, a killer a butcher. A moderate muslim is a peace loving person who does not fight at all. The moderate muslims are the people being killed by Obama’s terrorists.

 ISIL was established as far back as as 2003 and joined the war in Syria in 2011 when they were known as ISI. Another militant off shoot of ISIL is Al Nusra Front. In 2013 Al Nusra became known as Jabat Al Nusra and the two groups merged as one.

These are the same terrorists that Obama and William Hague have been training and sending weapons to.

Britain and USA celebrate when they do a huge weapons deal with Saudi Arabia. Slapping themselves on the back as a good job done. Even Prince Charles celebrates dancing with the Saudi Royal family. These are the weapons that end up in terrorist hands. Saudi Arabia gives these very same weapons to terrorist groups, instructed by the USA. Don’t they think, before selling weapons to Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia has the larges supply of weapons sold to the them by the US and UK than any other country in the world.

The US alone has sold over $60 billion of military weaponry to Saudi Arabia since 2010. Now the Saudi Royal family want nuclear weapons. All they think about is the money they make by selling these weapons and not the consequences in the future.

Saudi Arabia is the heart of Sharia Law, where women are treated as second class citizens and human rights does not exist. This country is now getting so much power, thanks to the greedy west who put money before human rights. They must be laughing their heads off now of how easy it was to twist Western Leaders round their little fingers.

Now not only do they have all the weapons they could possible want to take over a country, they now have the largest terrorist army the world has ever seen, thanks to the USA.

SAUDI_ARABIA_-_weapons (1)

Syria is almost clear of the terrorists and now they have the appetite to kill, they have moved on to Iraq, then Turkey, which for most of them was their first port of call for terrorist training and being armed before entering Syria.

The world has a huge refugee problem with people fleeing war torn countries and made worse by ISIL in Iraq. As the Obama funded terrorists spread havoc from country to country the amount of refugees will increase.

How much longer is Europe going to keep on supporting the US with their foreign policy of ‘Spreading Democracy’ (Wars) around the world.

Refugees Fleeing to Europe on the Increase

UNHCR in Italy estimates around 18,000 refugees have completed the journey across the Mediterranean, since the beginning of the year. At one point in April, amid favourable weather conditions, 4,000 refugees arrived within a period of just 48 hours. By contrast, during the first quarter of 2013, only around a thousand refugees made it to Italy using the primary route across the Mediterranean.

According to the European Asylum Support Office, the number of requests for asylum coming from Syrian citizens has reached 3-3.5 thousand per month in a number of the EU countries and is still growing.

The number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has passed 1 million, the United Nations’ refugee agency said Thursday, making up almost a quarter of the country’s resident population.

As of February 2014, the United Nations had registered almost 600,000 refugees in Jordan, with over 80,000 registered in the refugee camp Za’atri, now the fourth largest city in Jordan and the second biggest refugee camp in the world.

With conflicts in Africa, Ukraine and now Iraq the number of refugees are going to quadruple and this will be an EU problem, if the US had to take in the refugees from all the wars they have started, they probably would think twice about starting wars in the first place.