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Binnish-bombMoments ago, a suspected ISIS suicide bomber killed at least 10 Islamist militants at the Ahrar al-Sham headquarters in Binnish, Idlib. Reports suggest up to 40 rebel fighters and civilians were also injured in the massive explosion which left many locals in critical condition.

According to rebel sources in Idlib, the attack which was conducted by a motorcycle rider who had his vehicle packed with explosives, thus killing a senior military commander of the Ahrar al-Sham rebel group, Abu Hussein. His picture can be seen below:


This attack comes as the commander-in-chief of the Free Syrian Army’s 1st Coastal Division was assasinated by unknown gunmen just three days ago in Jisr al-Shighour, Idlib.

Meanwhile, new reports suggest that hundreds (possibly thousands) of ISIS sympathisers are currently operating undercover in Idlib. In January, ISIS sympathisers (likely fighters) also executed another Ahrar al-Sham commander Abdul Qadir Dhabaan while killing the local sharia judge Safar Al-Safer in the town of Khan Assubul.

Nevertheless, the Islamic State is yet to establish control of any areas or villages inside the Idlib governorate which is largely controlled by the Jaish al-Islam rebel coalition. Today’s suicide bombing is likely retaliation for Syrian rebels capturing some villages from ISIS fighters in northern Aleppo a week ago.

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