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Civilians killed, wounded in Islamist militants’ rocket attack on Aleppo


Islamic militants in Syria’s Aleppo continue their rocket attack against civilians in government-held districts of the city, claiming more souls and causing huge damage to the once Syria’s economical capital.

Six civilians, including three children and a woman, have been killed by the militants’ indiscriminate shelling today, which also wounded some 17 people more. Most of the victims were located at the predominately-Christian district of Sulaimaniyah, only one day after the resident of this ancient neighborhood celebrated the Palm Sunday. Yesterday, Islamist fighters bombarded the Christian city of As-Suqaylabiyah (nearly 48 km to the northwest of Hama) during palm Sunday mass.

Two days ago, hardline militants holed up in Al-Layramoun, Bani Zeid and the Youth Housing fired a barrage of mortars and homegrown missiles into the government held districts of Ashrafiyah, Nile Street, Mokambo and Al-Khalidiyah. The attack killed at least 6, injured 25, and ravaged buildings to the ground.

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