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Ebru Umar, Dutch writer © wikipedia.org

Ebru Umar, Dutch writer © wikipedia.org

The Turkish police have detained a Dutch columnist over a critical tweet she posted about Turkish President Recep Erdogan, her newspaper said. The woman intends to go back to the Netherlands after being released.

Ebru Umar is a Dutch columnist of Turkish origin, who writes for several newspapers, including Metro. On Saturday, the Turkish police detained her at the resort of Kusadasi and seized her laptop, the newspaper reported.

Umar said she was questioned about critical tweets about the Turkish president. She expects to be released soon and leave for the Netherlands, Metro reported.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry said it was tackling the situation.

“We are in contact with her and her family. We are following this case closely,” a spokesman for the ministry told RT without giving further details.

In her Twitter feed Umar recently engaged in spirited exchanges with her critics. One of the tweets she reposted said the author had reported her to the police.

It comes amid public outcry in the Netherlands over a letter sent by a Turkish consular to its citizens asking to report insults to the Turkish leader they encounter.

The Turkish authorities have launched some 2,000 lawsuits against people accused of insulting Erdogan.
Umar is a regular guest on Dutch TV panels on Muslim-related issues. She has a reputation for being highly critical of Islam and was reportedly targeted with retaliation in Amsterdam.