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Obama Announced he is sending in Special Forces to help this bunch of BUTCHERS as a last ditch attempt to take down Assad before he leaves office.

In most countries in the world the Opposition Party is the opposition political party, which goes to elections to seek power. However the US decided that they would not recognise the government in Syria and chose their own Opposition. 

This group have walked out of the Peace Talks in Geneva and cancelled their ceasefire and proceeded to attack innocent civilians in Damascus and Aleppo, with the blessing of the USA.

It is not the first time the so called opposition have walked out of Peace Talks, they have in fact walked out of all of them. The reason being is the last thing they want is Peace. They are part of the US take over of Syria and peace means failure.



A bunch of criminal terrorists funded by US/KSA/Turkey

These are not politicians but killers and terrorists, who don’t care about democratic elections, this terrorist group, intends to gain power from killing the opposition and spreading ‘freedom and democracy’ by overthrowing President Bashar Al Assad.

Free Syrian Army (FSA) aka: Moderate Syrian Opposition, Rebels, Militants, backed by USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, was created to overthrow the Syrian Government for the USA.


Since their creation by Hillary Clinton and Robert Ford at the so called “Friends of Syria” meetings, they have changed the leader several times now, with each one of them being a criminal. Hardly the type of person anyone would vote for in an election and not person that the US, France or UK would ever allow to become a politician in their countries, but they expect the Syrian people to embrace the very group that are killing them.

The Free Syrian Army, started with snipers on rooftops, killing security forces, using car bombs to kill generals, killing government workers and kidnaping, then beheading Syrian citizens, keeping the head to use as ransom, from the start of the war and then blame it on the Syrian Government. They conducted massacres, destroyed churches and mosques, but not synagogs. Even though propaganda told of the oldest synagog in Syria being destroyed and blamed it on the government, it turned out to be lies, when it was reported to be intact, by the Times of Israel.

The FSA used chemical weapons and Obama used this as his red line to invade Syria and to this day Obama is still accusing Assad of using the chemical weapons, even though it has been proven that the ‘Rebels’ used them.

As the Syrian Arab Army took the upper hand against the terrorists, the FSA changed their strategy and leader and the media changed their name. They went from the FSA to being called Rebels, as their war crimes were being shown worldwide.


Once the FSA cannibal Abbu Sakar’s photograph of him eating a soldiers heart was shown in the media, the FSA became unpopular.

Obama thought that changing their name would make them disappear and their crimes would be forgotten. Calling them ‘Rebels” would give them a clean slate. When Obama was caught training the terrorists, he declared he was training ‘moderate’ opposition in the beginning but let it slip on many occasions that he was speaking about the FSA.


5 ‘Presidents’ in 5 years for the so called syrian opposition

Moaz al-Khatib   11th November 2012 – 24th March 2013


He taught Sharia (Islamic Law) at the Dutch Institute Sheikh Badr al-Din al-Husni in Damascus. He is a supporter of Qatar-based Egyptian Sunni Muslim cleric and preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi. He was imprisoned several times for his criticism of the Syrian government during the ongoing armed uprising against President Bashar al-Assad before he fled the country and settled in Cairo.

On 11 November 2012, Khatib was elected President of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, a coalition of opposition groups formed the same day and known as the Free Syrian Army.He has also called on the U.S. to reconsider its 2012 decision to declare the Al-Nusra Front as a terrorist organisation, describing Al-Nusra as an ally in the rebellion to topple the Assad government. He resigned on 24 March 2013 without giving reason.


Ahmad Jarba  6 July 2013 – 12 July 2014


A former felon, he was detained for drugs smuggling in Saudi Arabia and later transferred to Syria under convoy.  In Syria Ahmad Jabra started running disorderly houses, and later on he was hired for the assassination of the runaway Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs, but instead of killing his target he charged ex-Minister for “alarming him”. Walked out of the Geneva II Peace Talks.


Hadi al-Bahra   9 July 2014 – 4 January 2015

Hadi_Al_BahraHe held the position of Executive Director of Erfan and Bagedo general hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the period 1983-1987. In the period from 1987 until 2003, became CEO of Horizon of Commercial development Co, then general manager of Horizon International Exhibitions for the period 2004-2005, a company operating in the free zone in Damascus. Bahra has extensive experience in communications systems, information technology, interactive display systems, and the organisation of conferences and events. He has employed his expertise in communications to serve the Syrian revolution since it erupted, where he contributed to the establishment of support groups to coordinate communication between the Syrian activist and the regional and international media, he worked with the opposition inside Syria.


Khaled Khoja   4 January 2015 – 5 March 2016

Khaled_Khoja_(7621916808)Khoja was born in Damascus in 1965. His ethnic background is Syrian Turkmen. During the rule of President Hafez al-Assad Khoja was detained twice and later studied medicine in University of Izmir, Turkey.

After the Syrian uprising began in 2011 Khoja participated in founding of several opposition groups. Before being elected as a National Coalition president he served as National Coalition’s representative in Turkey.


Mohammad Alloush  March 2016 – Present

80fde8d4566470068f0f6a706700ef2fThe US are getting desperate with their choice of President for the opposition and this man was chosen as leader for the opposition at the Vienna Peace Talks. Please note that there is a Political Opposition in Syria. This is a fabricated opposition made by the US to be put in as a puppet government for the US just like they have done in Kosovo.

They have scraped the barrel with this man, probably the most evil terrorist of all the so called Presidents so far. He should never have been at the Peace Talks, as the last thing he wanted was peace and broke the ceasefire, by killing more innocent civilians.

As he is the leader of Jaysh al-Islam, declared a terrorist group by Russia, but not by the US, even though the group have been committing terrorist acts. The group along with Ahrar ash-Sham are the main rebel groups supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The group aims to create an Islamic state under Sharia law.

The Guardian reported that Saudi Arabia was preparing to give the group millions of dollars to “arm and train” its fighters, and use instructors from Pakistan to help train the group. Jaysh al-Islam has criticised the Syrian National Coalition, stating that the group should be led by those who are fighting in Syria rather than leaders in exile and it looks like they got their way by taking over it.

On April 08 2016, a spokesman for the rebel group admitted that “forbidden” weapons had been used against Kurdish militia and civilians in Aleppo.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 15.16.37

Mohammad Alloush the political leader of Jaysh al-Islam a terrorist group aligned to:

  •  Saudi Arabia[22]
  •  Turkey[23]
  • Free Syrian Army[24]
  • Ahrar ash-Sham[25]
  • Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union
  • Army of Mujahedeen
  • Alweiat Al-Furqan
  • Sham Legion[26]
  • Jabhat al-Akrad[27]
  • Al-Nusra Front

Some of the actions this terrorist group is proud to have committed:

On 17 December 2012, the Free Syrian Army and anti-government Palestinians took control of the camp. After subsequent heavy fighting, the FSA and the Syrian Army agreed to leave Yarmouk as a neutral, demilitarised zone, but the camp remained besieged and sporadic clashes continued. Syrian government forces besieged Yarmouk for two years, and as a result, approximately 200 people were believed to have died of hunger in 2014. Since that time thousands more have died and the siege continues.


Obama will continue his head count of hundreds of thousands of deaths with the blood dripping from his hands as he will go down in history as a warmonger and added to the list of US Warmongers that will see their day in court.