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They say: “The Syrian Air Force bombed a hospital!”

First of all, let’s say its true just for the sake of the argument, who authorised the Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to build a makeshift hospital in a war-zone? Why wasn’t the Syrian government, or for that matter even the Russian government notified of existence?

Syria is not open to the world – westerners have no authority to illegally enter a sovereign country, and if they did, any consequence is on their hands.

Finally, over the passed 3 days, over 2000 mortar shells fell on the civilian neighborhood fired from the same groups the US and other NATO members in the UNSC foiled a Russian movement to enlist as terrorist organizations, wounder why no one said anything about that!

You want to lecture the Syrian Arab Army, fine, and again let’s say its true, your terrorists destroyed Syria’s largest cancer hospital in Aleppo and then executed the remaining men inside, with not a single official condemned from the West, nor from the MSF. Those who you call “moderates” burn Syria’s entire supply of chemotherapy located near al-Zabadani, therapy that was provided to the Syrian citizens for free, an act that even the most medically advanced Western country doesn’t do!

Call them “moderates”, call them what you want, your terrorists in Aleppo will not be showed any mercy, they will be made an example of when the time is right!

One last thing, the Syrian Arab Air Force never bombed a hospital, not in Aleppo in the passed couple of days, nor in any other Syrian city! The Syrian Government provide free medical care to all its citizens, and hell will not bomb its own hospitals. Of course field hospitals established by and treating terrorists are not counted in the list above, and will be targeted.

Also, Illegally placed institutions in Syria are also subject to be targeted if placed in a war zone and the Syrian government did not authorize it, nor at lease notified about it.

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