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While Hillary Clinton is close to victory in the Democratic primary, WikiLeaks compiled emails from his private server in a search engine. One of them shows interest the former secretary of state for a change of regime in  .

“The best way to help Israel cope with the increasing nuclear capacity of Iran is to assisting the Syrian people to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad, “it said in an email about the alleged Iranian nuclear program.

clinton-crazy“When Assad is gone and that Iran will not be able to threaten Israel through his associates, it will be possible for the United States and Israel to agree on the red lines from which it deems that the Iranian program has reached an unacceptable level. Bring down Assad would not only be a huge boon for Israel’s security, this will also relieve the understandable fear of Israel losing its nuclear monopoly. “Says Clinton.

“Washington should begin by expressing its willingness to work with regional allies such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to organise, train and arm Syrian rebel forces. “She concluded by speaking of bloodthirsty terrorists

If we decode this tandem Hillary / Trump and the incredible amount of crap that can get Donald Trump, I think Trump is actually in electing Hillary Clinton. People do not vote for Hillary, but against Trump. Trump is so our Marine Le Pen National as his father was before it useful idiot. These are actually the safety valve, designed to collect the discontent of the people to avoid upsetting they go out in the street. This allowed keeps making them swallow that they have any power to change things through the vote, that is to say the current system in place on the . Big mistake by the naive who will still vote …

The danger with Hillary Clinton is that it has already initiated a total of Kabbalah satanic.She will obey the finger and the eye of the 13 ruling families on Earth. What are the continuity of Bush / Clinton / Obama, but completely calibrated release. Maybe he will take it to the Americans to wake up en masse?

It is clear that in any case, whether the United States or must be billionaire to participate in the elections, or in France or you have to be at the beck and freemasons and the CRIF, the ballot boxes will never bring any solution false problems created by the Cabal that knows humanity.

Only a of consciences and a total change of system can and will save us. And it starts with small local initiatives such as eco villages, the local currency, and of course the inner change in the hearts of each of us.

Our future will go through individual action and small groups, not waiting for an external saviour.

Source: http://stopmensonges.com/booooom-email-de-clinton-assad-doit-etre-renverse-pour-proteger-israel/