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4th May 2016

This could turn out to be one of the biggest political scandals in recent times as the Electoral commission has called in the police to investigate Tory election fraud by not declaring local expenses spent during the general election, and if correct, then this is a clear breach of the law and could see Tory MP’s go to jail. This scandal could bring down the government as the people and parliament itself could not retain any confidence in a Tory party elected based on fraud.

The investigation will centre around David Cameron’s fleet of  “battle buses” that were used to ferry activists to key marginal seats, often putting them up in hotels, but the cost of which were allegedly not declared by the local candidates, many who are now Tory MP’s. So why is this not all over the BBC, especially the political programmes?  Here is a snapshot of@BBCPOLITICS recent tweet counts…


This clearly shows that the BBC is working hand in glove with the Tory government to suppress news of a major electoral fraud scandal. If the Tories are allegedly willing to break the law to fiddle the results of a national General Election and have the help of the BBC to suppress news of the scandal, then there can be no doubt they would also have committed electoral fraud in the Scottish Independence referendum as many suspected, and as we all know, the BBC was vigorously supportive and biased in favour of the Better Together campaign.

Here is the clip from Channel4 News who researched and broke the story that could lead to criminal prosecutions.