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Earlier today, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in southern Syria called for all civilians to stay away from military positions and checkpoints in Daraa city as the FSA intended to shell the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) as soon as three days had passed. The full statement can be read in Arabic here: Nevertheless, the statement can be viewed as problematic as it was released online and not by leaflets; the vast majority of residents in Daraa are unable to access the internet and thus might not be informed of the upcoming attack.

Three months ago, the Syrian Arab Army retook two neighbourhoods inside Daraa city. Now, the FSA and allied Islamist rebel groups say they intend to recapture the lost districts. A few weeks ago, a large-scale rebel counteroffensive repelled ISIS in western Daraa; this now enables them to regroup and focus their military strength on government troops inside the provincial capital. However, contrary to most other provinces in Syria, the Geneva-brokered ceasefire from February 27 has been respected by all sides in Daraa (excluding ISIS) until now.

https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/tensions-rise-daraa-city-rebels-threaten-shell-government-held-districts/ | Al-Masdar News