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Map Update: Southern Aleppo Informed sources disclosed that the Syrian Armed Forces and its allies are preparing for a full-scale offensive on the town of Khan Tuman in the southern outskirts of Aleppo.

Enormous reinforcements have been pouring into the area since the Islamist militants entirely took over the town last Friday. The Iranian highly-trained IRGC and 65th airborne special forces brigade are expected to act as the spearhead of the prospective offensive, to retaliate scores of Iranian military advisors who were killed and wounded by the jihadists in Khan Tuman.

Earlier on Monday, IRGC general Major General Mohsen Rezaei vowed ‘harsh retaliation’ against Jabhet al-Nusra over the death of military advisors in Khan Tuman. The source also confirmed that Russian fighter jets will be actively involved in the forthcoming battle. Yesterday, the Syrian Army, backed by Syrian and Russian airstrikes, destroyed, with heavy artillery and rocket launchers, rebel defensives, 3 tanks and an armoured vehicle.

Scores of radical fighters have been reported killed. The town bears a strategic importance since it serves as a main supply route to Rashideen battleground, and acts as the southern entrance of Aleppo that overlooks Aleppo-Damascus highway. Jihadi fighters from the Nusra-led Jaish al-Fateh captured Khan Tuman on May 6th after a huge attack that left dozens of government troops and allied fighters dead and wounded.

https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/field-report-big-battle-looms-aleppo-saa-allies-mobilize-forces-map-update/ | Al-Masdar News