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Cooperation isn’t difficult to understand. A common definition is: “the action or process of working together to the same end.” Another way to say it: “Win-win”.

Economics also isn’t difficult to understand. A common definition of economics is: “the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth.”

But what happens when an empire has a lot of needs and a big military but nothing to trade? In other words, a country like the US has a huge demand for goods, but nothing of value to trade except bombs and debt. Enter the US sponsored resource wars.

Resource wars have been spreading like cancer because the war profiteers are not being prosecuted. Only the whistle-blowers that list documented evidence of war crimes committed by the US government are prosecuted. That is just a fact.

Another fact, the US has destroyed nearly the whole “cradle of civilization” and is continuing to expand their list of targets to include Iran and the biggest country on earth: Russia.

But does it have to be this way? No, as there is no aggression coming from Russia. The supposed “aggression” is a persistent social engineering campaign promoted by the mainstream media and there is proof of that thousands of times. In just one example, the west has claimed that Russia has “invaded Ukraine” countless times. I think the last count was 50 or 60. But as we look now, there are only NATO troops in Ukraine and NATO tanks and NATO soldiers and NATO money and US corporations buying Ukrainian resources for a song and a dance. What Russian invasion? The onl civilians dying in all of Ukraine are in Donbass, which is the eastern part bordering Russia where mostly Russian civilians live. If Russia truly had invaded, would they only bomb their most supportive civilians who claim that they are Russians and proud to resist that US sponsored coop leaders installed into Kiev after George Soros’ 6th sponsored colour revolution? If Russia had invaded Kiev, would they only attack their own supporters and not even hit Kiev one time? Surely the Russian have proven that they know how to conduct a successful campaign, having wiped out ISIS in a few weeks, which is something US and NATO allies couldn’t manage to do in a few years during which they funded ISIS admittedly on record and not denied. Yes, there are thousands of invented reasons to consider Russia a threat but the US keeps on killing the most civilians than any other country on the planet since WWII and the number is well over 30 million directly, and far higher if you count the deaths committed by US proxy funded armies.

Is there a better way forward than war? Well, yes, about any way is better. How about actual trade? How about building a better future for our children? How about exploring the countless opportunities of cooperation that can only happen in the absence of war? Obviously, the US system isn’t going to win at any trade deals so they are spoiling the playing field for everyone else. But Europe has a better opportunity and one that is so simple, a child could understand it. Hear me out please…

Let’s do the math, Russia needs infrastructure development. Europe needs energy. Russia is willing to supply the energy. Well there you go! Long term infrastructure development for generations needed by Russia and long term energy supplies needed by Europe. A perfect marriage. Not one that the US wants apparently. And not one that Europe seems willing or able to identify.

Instead, Europe is starting wars in bordering countries using their NATO membership and oil is being brought up through Turkey by ISIS terrorist groups. So in other words, the incentives for making war are benefiting those who make the war. This is dangerous territory. As any Economics major will understand, incentives are what drives human behavior. These US sponsored resource wars give European politicians and military industries carte blanche access to the oil that lies under dead bodies near to Europe.

What is wrong with that picture? Is that long term development. Is that an energy strategy?

Viktor Zubkov, chairman of the board of directors of Russia’s energy giant Gazprom recently said that Russia offers Europe a number of solution to this (energy) problem, including the implementation of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline project and the supplies through the so-called “Southern Gas Corridor.” The Nord Stream 2 is the gas pipeline joint venture, which is expected to provide an additional route for the Russian gas to Germany through the Baltic Sea, bypassing the three Baltic countries and Poland. Gazprom started the project with a consortium of five largest European energy companies, including Shell and E.ON.

OK, we know Europe needs energy. And we know Russia is happy to supply with long term agreements. Now let’s get some forecasting tools from E.ON about what Russia needs in return that is also long term and constructive.

In a presentation slide entitled “Russian power market – Capacity conundrum”, a 2012 presentation from E.ON says that Russia’s installed capacity by age is 90% of ~220 GW infrastructure is older than 20 years, and about half of the infrastructure has exceeded its lifespan. The average age of related capital equipment is more than 30 yrs(!). Wow, that is a HUGE need to have in the largest country on the earth. Looks like a great opportunity right?

But what is the response of Europe? They support the US in expanding these wars that have resulted in countless millions dead, far more than the supposed “evil dictators” have done, and without any strategy for fixing all the civilian infrastructure or civil governance networks that were destroyed, to say nothing of the lives of the millions of orphaned children, the homeless, the permanently maimed and shell shocked. But that isn’t even the worst of it. NATO countries are buying oil from Turkey which has been caught buying oil from actual ISIS terrorists which are now admitted to be chiefly funded by US and NATO allies, whether “accidental” or on purpose, they admit the funding streams. This is a matter of undisputed record hundreds of times over.

And it is even worse than that. For those of you who want to really uncover the horrors of these wars, investigate the use of depleted uranium (DU) munitions in all these war zones, most notably in Fallujah Iraq because it is a well documented war crime. Let’s be clear right up front, nobody in the US denies that DU is a weapon of mass destruction. And nobody denies that it was used. They just rely on the mainstream media to continue focusing on the “dangerous barrel rolls” of Russia in the Baltic Sea where us battle ships and spy planes are actively pursuing their next resource battle plans. For the geographically challenged, the Baltic Sea to Russia is like the Gulf of Mexico to the US.

There is clearly a better long term way to live out our short lives on the planet than to allow a tiny 0.0001% of humanity to profit on genocide. Firstly, the beneficiaries need to be forensically audited and investigated just like any business crime would be investigated. The long tradition of turning a blind eye to these deaths is not speaking well of good governance practices that businesses and politicians are supposed to follow. According to most laws of most countries, the refusal to speak out about murder for hire is itself a crime that can be considered quite severe. If nothing else, the moral crime of not standing up for your fellow human being is enough for most of us who are awakening to the state of world affairs and people are speaking out more as time goes on. The crimes become more obvious and the pain is spreading so it is only logical that we see more people speaking out as they come to know the greatest human made tragedy of our century and who is responsible and why.

There is a better way forward. Humanity is awakening. People of good conscience are speaking from our hearts. We are actively looking for a solution because we have no choice. We realize that the incentives are so great to continue and there is no governing authority regulating the psychopathic pursuit of profits in war.

I leave this discussion with an image of an E.ON presentation from page 8 of a 2012 presentation entitled “Russia: Unlocking the Value”. It is just one variant that offers clear indicators of lasting cooperation between the greatness of Europe and the greatness of Russia. Take care everyone. And I hope to see your comments.


By Tate Ulsaker – New Zealand

WTTV Contributor