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Jihadists of the Islamic State

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The jihadists of the Islamic State (EI or Daesh) preparing a major operation against the Jewish state, according to a German magazine.

Hundreds of jihadists of the Islamic State would prepare for a massive attack against Israel in training camps in the territory of Egypt, reports Bild, adding that he is not a preparatory of attack, but a major military operation.
“The time of the launch of this attack is unknown, but the concern is increasingly felt on the spot,” said the German newspaper Ada Bibi, Lieutenant IDF chief, adding that the Israeli army intended to fight back, engaging the artillery and tanks.
According to the military, terrorists are likely to use against the Jewish state the methods which they use to fight the Egyptian security forces, or suicide bombings, kidnappings, shelling and armored attacks.


Daesh between Iran and Israel has made its choice

Bild said that the jihadists in Sinai have broad tactical and financial support of Daesh leaders in Syria and Iraq which also supply them with weapons.

The Islamic State members are known to devote a boundless hatred for Israel. In numerous propaganda videos, Daesh has repeatedly threatened Israel and the Jewish people. In one of them, posted last October, EI fighters claimed that he “would not remain a single Jew in Jerusalem” and promised “to eradicate the gangrene of Judaism in the world.”

Although groups affiliated with the IU are believed to be active in the Gaza Strip, no terrorist attack has not been claimed Daesh Israel or the Palestinian territories.

Israel is not part of the coalition led by the United States bombed positions of the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria, but its intelligence agencies are actively working on collecting information on Daesh to transmit to the coalition.

Anyway, the high-ranking IDF Daesh believe that only a relatively small threat to Israel.According to General Amos Yadlin reservist, the real threat of the jihadist group lies especially in its ability to incite the masses to violence.