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Ziad Fadel

الجبش السوريAL-ZAARA VILLAGE:  Yesterday in the evening, a grouping of pestilential cockroaches belonging to the following terrorist organizations supported by the stinking rat-British scum:  Jabhat Al-Nusra/Alqaeda, Ahraar Al-Shaam, Faylaq Homs, Kataa’`ib Ahl Al-Sunna, Ajnaad Homs, descended upon a largely ‘Alawi village of peaceful citizens in an act of revenge for the massive achievements of the Syrian Army in Aleppo.  They called their campaign of nihilism: “BATTLE OF VENGENCE FOR ALEPPO”.  Yawn.

The village was well-defended and the battle continues despite the lying of the British-garbage press which insists on describing every act of brutality as some kind of brilliant accomplishment by the “moderate opposition” which does not even exist.  In the battle, our source in Latakia, Wael, says 14 rodents were confirmed killed or wounded with 8 vehicles destroyed.  The population of this village was not caught by surprise because there had been an expectation the village…

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