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The imminent return of Russian planes to Syria

Although Russia had decided to withdraw its bombers from Syria after the ceasefire concluded with the United States, it is now obliged to return to the battlefield, because Washington – in violation of its engagements – has continued to deliver sophisticated weapons to the jihadists, including Al-Qaïda and Daesh. The aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov should be deployed in July.

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Although Russia does not possess fifth generation warplanes, its bombers were particularly effective during their six-month campaign in Syria.

However, after Russia and the United States agreed to a ceasefire from the 27th February 2016, President Vladimir Putin ordered the withdrawal of forty-six of the fifty-four or fifty-six Su-24, Su-25, Su-30, Su-34 and Su-35 deployed at the Khmeimim airbase. The withdrawal was ill-advised. Indeed, in violation of their engagements, the United States have continued to deliver sophisticated weaponry to the…

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