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Erdogan and FSA have the same aim of spreading Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law

Erdogan and FSA have the same aim of spreading Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law

In fact the war on Syria probably would not have happened without Turkey’s involvement. Recep Tayyip Erdogan belongs to Muslim Brotherhood, which aims to spread Sharia Law around the world.

Erdogan who cries and call for the arrests of anyone who insults him, was one of the first to throw insults at President Bashar Al Assad. Since the beginning of the war on Syria Erdogan  was insulting and calling for the President of Syria to stand down. Just imagine what Erdogan’s reaction would be if the tables were turned?

You must bear in mind that the Western Media and Politicians refused to acknowledge that there were terrorists in Syria, until they crossed the border into Iran. Many times the media laughed and called it a conspiracy theory. The FSA were portrayed as unarmed peaceful protestors, rebels etc. When in fact the were raping, kidnapping and beheading innocent civilians from day 1. The hypocrisy of the West that was supporting and supplying the FSA, yet unhappy that Europeans were travelling to Syria to join them. It is OK for governments to support terrorism, but a crime for anyone else to support it.

Erdogan is always claiming that there is no evidence that Turkey was helping the Jihadi terrorists fighting in Syria and arrests anyone who has proof. In fact there is plenty of proof from day one, but the Western Media chooses to ignore it and Angela Merkel wants to welcome this Dictator into EU with open arms.

Erdogan called for ‘freedom and democracy’ in Syria, while at the same time taking away the freedom of Turks and descending the country into Sharia Law. At the same time arresting anyone who is against him doing so, including Judges, journalists, generals and politicians. Erdogan’s aim is to have total control over Turkey with no opposition at all.

Here are a few reminders for the deaf, dumb and blind in EU, who refuse to acknowledge the truth.

In 2011 – Turkey’s close rapport with the US regarding the overthrow of President Assad, with Erdogan echoing the Obama/Clinton chant that Assad should stand down. What Erdogan wants, is to have Syria to be ruled by Muslim Brotherhood, which has been banned in Syria since 1958.

The main component of the Syrian Opposition is made up of Muslim Brotherhood, who are exiled from Syria and want to see Syria ruled under Sharia Law as Erdogan wants to do in Turkey.

From countries all over the world, fundamentalists flocked to Turkey to fight the Jihad war in Syria and join the FSA, purely from watching the lies, shown in the western media. The media lies were used as a recruitment tool for the terrorist groups.

Turkish Refugee Camps 

Jamel Amer al-Khodoud, an Algerian from Marseille and who served in the French army, told of his pathetic tale of a search for jihad – encouraged by al-Jazeera’s coverage of Muslim suffering in Syria. He wanted to go to Syria to help the refugees, but when he arrived in Turkey, it didn’t quite go as he planned.

He was, he said, a “moderate Salafist”, but in the Turkish refugee camps had met a Libyan sheikh, many Tunisians and a Yemeni imam “who gave me lessons in jihad”. He crossed the Syrian border with a shotgun, and with other men had attacked military checkpoints and slept rough in abandoned houses and a mosque in the mountains above Latakia. Trained on French weapons, he had never before fired a Kalashnikov – he was allowed to fire three bullets at a stone for target practice, he said – but after several miserable weeks of discovering that a jihad in Syria was not for him, he resolved to walk back to Turkey and return to France. “What I saw on television I didn’t see in Syria.”

Syrian women and children raped in Turkish refugee camps

Turkish camps have become detention centres for rape and torture as Syrian women who returned to their homes stressed they were the victims of rape by armed terrorist groups and some Turkish Soldiers.

Since the beginning of the war the FSA have been using the refugee camps in Turkey as a home away from home, moving back and forwards between Syria and Turkey, with the FSA flag flying proud above the camp. Those who are injured in battle, treated in Turkish hospitals.

The FSA terrorising the genuine refugees that have been fleeing Syria to get away from them. Young women being sold to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, while others are continually being raped.

Terrorists Trained in Turkey

Every interview with terrorists in Syria, or the those who have travelled to Syria to join the terrorist groups, give the same story. They all enter Syria from Turkey, where they are armed and trained before being sent into Syria.
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The video showing Turkish citizens attacking a bus full of terrorists returning to Turkey after fighting in Syria, has been removed from YouTube, as well as many others that incriminate Erdogan.
Serena Shim, the journalist on this video was killed near the Turkish border, over a year ago, with some suggesting she was killed for telling the truth of Erdagan’s connection with terrorism.

Terrorists Stealing Factory Equipment for Turkey

FSA Robbed Over 1,000 Aleppo Factories & Transferred Them to Turkey with Turkish Govt’s Help.

In 2013 the Syrian Chamber of Industry filed the case in an unspecified European country, and accused Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of sponsoring terrorism and looting factories in strife-torn Syria.

“This is a case aimed at asserting our rights, regardless of our political opinion,” Al-Watan quoted the chamber’s president Fares Shehabi as saying. He said that several Syrian unions have signed on to the complaint.

“We have the necessary documents… to prove Erdogan’s obvious involvement in sponsoring acts of banditry and terrorism.”

“Some 1,000 factories in the city of Aleppo have been plundered, and their stolen goods transferred to Turkey with the full knowledge and facilitation of the Turkish government,” the Syrian foreign ministry then said in letters sent to the UN.

Not to mention the Syrian oil that has been stolen from Syria and sent to Turkey, which Bilal Erdogan has been accused of being involved in.

The worst of all has to be the supplying the terrorists with chemical weapons.

Supplying Terrorists with Chemical Weapons

Who  can forget the video of the FSA terrorist killing the rabbits, to show they have chemical weapons, which they declare they are going to use on Assad supporters.

The video clearly shows that Turkish chemicals are in the hands of the FSA terrorists. After the video was released the Tekkim website was taken down, but it is up and running again now.

Erdogan has done and continues to do everything in his power to overthrow the government in Syria and in doing so has broken every International law in the book, yet, the EU can’t wait to embrace him into  the EU, even though Turkey is in Asia, apart from the small part, this side of the Bosphorus.

He has given terrorists fake passports so that they can enter Europe under the radar, so he can remove them from his country when he wishes to.
It didn’t take long for the FSA to welcome Al Qaeda and Al Nusra into the fold, to overthrow the Syrian Government for Obama.


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