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The little boy who said “I am gonna tell god Everything” before he died.


Photos of him across the media crying and even a song written about him. He was said to be three years old, but some disputed that. They never gave his name, even though there is no reason why.

As you can see in the photograph, that he has a head injury and is upset, but doesn’t look at deaths door. So it was shocking to be told that he died from this injury.

Well look what has turned up on a terrorist website. The same little boy with his head bandaged and smiling. The same little boy wearing the same clothes and the same blood stains on his shoulders.

The photo obviously taken after he had been treated in hospital and he is sitting with, who it is said to be an FSA terrorist.

So we can only surmise that the whole thing was a propaganda stunt by the terrorists, which backfired on them. This would be the reason the boy was nameless.

The truth will come out when the boy gets older and somebody else published another photo of him. As he is with a terrorist, he is probably the son of one of them or a refugee.


This was uploaded on 25th August 2012

The story broke on twitter in December 2013, which would have made the little boy over 1 years older than in these photos, making the whole story a hoax.


The very first upload I can find of the hoax was on the 27th December by an American. If anyone can find an earlier post, please leave a comment.